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I'd never thought I'll be the other woman. I met this guy 5 months ago who asked me out and we've been going out since then. We just clicked and I've never been so comfortable with anyone else. Only thing is, 2 months into the relationship, I found out he was engaged with his fiance living on the other side of the globe. I tried to leave but he said he was ending it with her and against logic I decided to stay. He ended it with her a while after though he felt terribly guilty and depressed which was only natural. Time passed and this is our 5th month together. However, a couple days ago, his ex fiance showed up demanding answers. They had a talk wherein both were left very sad and him very guilty. We were talkingafter and he admits he still has some feelings for her. Then this morning, I saw her number on the redial screen and am silently freaking out. I know she still wants him back though he refused and she's gonna be in town for a couple more weeks. I don't know what to do. I'm contemplating leaving him and the whole mess behind and have strong urges to call his ex fiance. The thing is I love him and him me. Help!!
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He isn't free, and he doesnt know what he wants. But its keeping you dangling while he messes about. Is that good enough for you?

I sort of think that a man engaged but not yet married to a distant woman is probably fair game. But, but you will not be happy with him if he feels you coerced him into a marriage. It is very very easy to say and difficult to do but,it seems to me, you should not see him for the remaining weeks his fiancee is here. Having offered him this freedom and if he still elects to come back to you there will be the posssibility of a pemanent relationship without rancour.