Alone... Again!

I met this man at work. We talked, exchanged phone numbers ... talked more and I thought he was the most wonderful guy I ever met. I have been in a relationship with him now for 9 months. I told him I was only willing to give it 6 months and at that point in time, if what he said about his wife was true, he should be ready to make a move either to stay with me or with her. He decided to stay with her. Meanwhile, he wanted to maintain the relationship with me as friends. (That can't be done once you have been so intimate.) So we are knee deep in this rollercoaster again. His reason for not leaving: that her father was on his death bed and he needed to be there for him and her. I rationalized it. Seemed like a good excuse to me. I waited... her father died a few weeks before they were set to go on vacation. He said he needed to take her on vacation and then when he returns, settle her fathers estate. So.. he is gone .. today.. on a 2 week vacation with his wife and 2 dogs and camper. From what he told me it is a beautiful vacation spot. He promises so much to me. All the fun we will have. The dreamy relationsip. I am so hurt. I feel like I am loosing it. Not sure where to turn.
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Keep your eyes open for a right guy come along while you are still with him. I know it takes lot out of you to find and then establish a relation with a man.. I feel for you.