I Too, Am The Other Woman

A couple of years ago I come to live with my Aunt [my mom's older sister] in the city. Our hometown doesn't offer the course I wanted to take, so my aunt's city was ideal since it has a university which offer a Nursing course. I got along so well in no time with her family, since they have no daughter only sons which is older than me. My aunt's family welcome me and soon I am one of their kids. They are generous too, clothes, my tuition and allowances is not a problem, I have a PC and laptop, a room of my own. I begin to love the life I am in, unlike in the province where everything is in wanting. These things however, did not really satisfy me completely. I begin to fall for the husband of my aunt. Uncle Bill [not his real name] is 43 [doesn't look 43 at all], tall, light complexion, muscular body, a corporate lawyer, very good looking and very kind became the object of my obsession. For awhile I studied my feelings, maybe I just admire him because he is the father I wish I have, unlike my biological father who left me and my mom when I was little Uncle Bill is a very responsible man. But I am not infatuated with my Uncle Bill, I know I love him and I want him. So a couple of months ago I seduced him when we were the only two people at home. I am so bold enough and I asked him to shave my *****. I am young and not bad looking and I have a sexy body, so I was able to put out the animal in him. Then that very morning we had sex for the first time. I was a virgin. Now I am my Uncle's other woman. I am not guilty, I am not ashamed for this and I am happy. I don't care if I betray these good people, my point is I want him and I know he enjoys doing it with me. I know this affair will not last long, but I am hoping for the best. We are discreet though in what we do. If there is a good opportunity, we do it at home, if there is none we check in in a hotel or a motel. I don't care if I am right or wrong. I am my Uncle's other woman.
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i love you. add me pls

I wish to have a niece like you :)


Your aunt accepted you into her home and will likely be wounded. This is not some stranger you are dealing with, which makes the situation far more complicated and the betrayal far deeper. This is not something to take lightly. You could end up severely damaging family connections and lose far more than you think you're gaining.

Never bite the hand that feed Karma is a *****!

love to be your older friend too

I admire you for sharing! Love is love, I hope you don't get hurt!
Would you consider adding me so we can chat?

your uncle must be very happy to have u.
though the relationship is not aproved by the society then too till its not hurting anyone it is ok and have your aunt aproved ur relation.

I wish I had a niece like U but I M not a lucky man like Bill.

Bewildered. Are you guys taking the **** or serious?...


It's my life anyway... my future... my sanity... my *****! So what's bothering you?

Just think she in love with him because he was her first piece she needs to find some one else and she will forget about her uncle

REad my other stories and you'll find out you are wrong... I **** other guys too, but none of them are like my Uncle Bill.

Holiemelying<br />
I seriously think you have personal issues because you were left by your father and that really imprints the mind hard. You just crave for that love and you are misinterpreting it and the uncle is just using you for sex AND I CANT BELEIVE YOU LOST YOUR VIRGINITY TO A MAN WHO IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR FATHER YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE SOME ISSUES YOU NEED TO SORT IT OUT OTHERWISE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE VULNERABLE TO MARRIED MEN YOU ARE YOUNG YOU HAVE A AMAZING LIFE AHEAD YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN AN OLD MAN OF 43

I tried so many times before to trash this feelings I have for Uncle Bill, but everytime I took a step forward I backslide two steps. Then came that fateful day when everything started. It is really my fault I know that from the beginning. But I cannot live without him anymore, I am too much in it already. I know Uncle Bill is just using me as a toy, but I don't care. I know he still loves my Aunt, I saw it in them everyday and it hurts. But when Uncle Bill makes love to me, all the hurt, all the pain and all the frustrations vanishes. I don't know when this insanity will end but I am already bracing up for any eventualities. Thank you for trying to open my eyes, but call me a fool or whatever, I am happy with this situation being an other woman of my beloved Uncle Bill.

you seem pretty selfish, and judging from your replies to others, angry.... you should probably seek help before your whole life caves

Took the words right out of my mouth! Fatal attraction? Scary!!

You should continue to do whoever and whatever makes you happy. Congratulations on seeing something you want and getting it. We need more women like you. I wish you the best.

This comment is really sad.... so if you want it take it? Wow! Doesnt matter that you didnt work for it, doesnt matter that it belongs to someone else. You need help as well!

Don't be so judgmental renea64... at least I am not a moralist and a hypocrite like some people here. c'mon nobody is perfect.

Might I just add.. shes doing something which is making her happy.. sure it comes at a high cost.. but when does the greed for happiness, lust, love, money or anything else in our world not come at a high cost? She may have chosen a high cost.. but then again so has everyone that have commented.. why dis-regard what she has chosen.. when coutless others have done whatever it takes to grab what they want as well? If your going to pull the issues which all of us at this point can only guess at.. then you should also freely comment your own issues, and your own memories of when you have climbed over a person/s in order to geth what you long for greedily.


I don't need anyone's approval for what I am doing. I don't live under your auspices, so why will I need your approval? Maybe it is you who needs that therapy as soon as possible. Just look at the way you write. You don't even know where to put the commas, periods and the question marks. And please don't use capital letters, that's not the way to write. Go to school Ametist! Hahahahaha!

Let us not judge people easily.<br />
We really never know what is the real score behind of each story.<br />
We failed too.<br />
We lied too.<br />
We are all human, all could hurt, all could possibly encounter a different story that lead us into being broken.<br />
We have all different kind of areas in life.<br />
<br />
She is so good inspite of troubling she's dealing on..<br />
i do believe that in time, she will all make things in order.<br />
She needs time..<br />
<br />
You are a wonderful girl..<br />
Someday, your Prince will come to you and take you out from all hatred and pain you are right now.

@sweetblossom... well said and I wish with all my heart that someday my prince will come and save me not just from this situation, but also save me from the actions that I am doing right now. Uncle Bill is not in-love with me,I know it. I am not dumb. But sometimes emotions blur reasons and I am one unfortunately is one of those who let this emotion blur logic, reasons, and sanity. But I am in-love. Until when, I don't know.

I could really feel your heart, because i know how to fall in love deeply..
It's like a war between your mind and your heart, which would you like to win.
Mind says "do the right thing".
Then your heart says "i will stick to what my heart desires"..

I am not here for you to feel that "not all people is judgemental".
That is your own life, own feelings that all people would really not may understand.
We are all human who can love deeply.
Can make mistakes.

Again, i do believe that in time, you will make up your mind on which path should your heart wants to Go on with..

Believe me, there is your Prince who will come to you and take all your fears and tears away....

For now..
Keep yourself strong..
Try to do things that you know what its really right.. so your heart will find joys and smile.....

You are the only one who can save yourself from this situation that by the way you started! No suger coated fairy tale... we all fall in love bull. He is your moms sisters husband... Off limits !

Renea64 I absolutely agree...that situation is not healthy and neither is she for starting it.

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I suck him so yummy.

I hv nice boobs.mmm he loves.

Well,well.I think he likes me better.I am the real one.;)

OMG... such drama! LOL...<br />
<br />
First the situation simply is what it is. All of the moralizing and **** talking doesn't change it. <br />
<br />
Ok, but there is a lot of free advice (which is worth what you pay for it!) My free advice? Take what you have, remember your interests holle and don't bight off more than you can chew (pun intended!)<br />
<br />
All the best<br />

It sucks your aunt is being betrayed by her family, but I guess nobody can do anything about you.

getting pregnant unplanned happen even on birth control<br />
I had a friend have twins on birth control. just saying.<br />
<br />
And in 3 years you get your nursing degree unless you get caught before that and your aunt throws you out.<br />
<br />
BTW once someone cheats in a marriage it's hard to trust them again. <br />
<br />
And is everyone sure this chick isn't a troll..hmmmmm.....

Don't crap where you live. <br />
that's all i have to say about it.

i say keep ******* him--if it makes u happy and and both are consenting to this sexual realtionship

hahahaah! Outofthedarkness1 you are such a nonsense *****. If you don't like my story then for all reasons don't read them You don't own the internet you fool. Just look at your profile pic if that is really you! Who will pose with her back showing to the cam and slightly turn her head.<br />
<br />
If you think the two of us are obscene, then why bother reading our blogs? They are never meant for you. Hahaha! Ugly white woman. Well, if I really offended you why don't you tell me where we can meet and settle this dispute. Name your battle and I will be there and I will show you how an Asian woman can make an ugly white woman eat her bile. ah hahahaha L.O.S.E.R W.H.O.R.E!!!!! I never sold my body to anyone for your information. Maybe you are the cheap $10 w.h.o.r.e!!!!!!

Aracata2000. Thanks for the nice words... I like your style, no frills, no ******** pagkukunwari. Just being yourself. Well, I agree that nobody should dictate to us how we should live our lives. We can be who we are. I can **** whoever I want. And I don't give a damn what will other people say. I want to live my life as best as I can and I want my puki to enjoy. Hahahaha! We two should be close friends here in Manila and we can flirt, and driving around with my brand new Ford Pick-Up F-150. hahahah!

holiemeiying, I think I can understand your interest in your uncle. I also think I can understand the reaction of the women to your story. However, I think an older man such as your uncle also realizes this is only a temporary situation and although it may not seem so at the moment, he has a lot to teach you. I am married to a Filipina from the provinces and I lived there for a while so I have an idea of what your situation might be.

If you don't want to believe my story, then you don't have to. If you think the comments are sc<x>ripted then why don't you trace all those who commented? Doubt my age? Why, do you have to be 80 years to be able to write. We Filipinos go to school.

To Weetniet from Holland,<br />
<br />
When this did not happen yet, I tried everything not to fall for him. But the more I struggle, the more I am tempted to do things that are not supposed to be. You are right in all angle, Uncle Bill and my aunt are still happily married, I can really attest to it. Every time Uncle Bill arrives from work he look for my aunt immediately and they will hug as if they haven't seen each other for a long time. They talk and talk while preparing lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. They talk when then prepare dinner everyday and they laugh. All these makes me jealous to the point I wish my aunt dead. I know I am very bad, but I am trying to let these leave my mind and heart but it is easily said than done.<br />
<br />
When my Uncle Bill makes love with me, I know he loves me too and the more I want him for myself alone. I don't really know where all of these will go or where am I going to, but right now the stolen moments is all I care for I know it is hell to stop this illicit relationship.

Dear Holiemeiying,<br />
<br />
Counseling is indeed the best option you have, as pointed out by Donna. Your father had left a hole which you try (in vain) to fill up with (having sex with) uncle Bill. Your mind, temporarily releaved because of the sex, makes you believe it is "ok" to be his 2nd wife and throw your own morals out the window. I am not blaming you, at all. Lets see how this story would look like from uncle Bill's side:<br />
<br />
This man is married. Also, he does not seem to be unhappily married. One day, a younger female cousin is going to stay a while in his house. He knows that her father left the family a long time ago. She seduced him because of her problems. It would have been right, loving and kind of him to refuse her, to discuss her feelings / emotions and later to arrange help where needed. Instead, he takes some little selfish pleasure! His behaviour to her is immoral, even if he is completely unaware of her emotional needs. This is because he is still married. If her problems are known to him (which cannot be ruled out ba<x>sed on the original story), then his behaviour is even worse!<br />
<br />
Holiemeiying, do you see how selfish he is? He probably uses you for his own pleasures! He ignores his wife's needs for an honest relationship. If he knows about your emotional problems, then he is also ignoring your need for help and guidance. Do you really want to have sex with such man? Go get councelling asap so you don't need sex with uncle Bill anymore!<br />
<br />
I encourage you to use your talents to get emotionally clean again, stop having sex with him, and love yourself! Organize the help you need. I hope my comment is of some use!<br />
<br />
Warm regards from Holland, Weetniet

Whew what kind of English is that? Ignorant fool! Uneducated and unschooled. You don't even know your own language, Hahahahah! How about the moralist ***** CharlieOldGirl69? You swallowed your tongue or cut your fingers? I challenged you Old Dumb ******* to write your real names and paste your real pics. Cowards!

Be careful the don't fall off the bed and hit your head.....Good Luck! Enough said!

Ladies, <br />
<br />
Whatever is our thousand and one reason for loving a married man (MM as CharlieOldGirl69 says), it is not a right thing to do, Machiavelli told us: "... the end does not justify the means." We have to admit it. I read in another forum in this site written by the prestigious and moralist TOW CharlieOldGirl69 she is trying to justify her action by painting a scenario that she came into the life of her MM when the marriage of her lover is already on the brink. She is trying to illustrate a different picture that she is not to blame for the further deterioration of that marriage. She says that her MM tried every means available to save the marriage but the wife of her MM will not participate and so the marriage cannot be saved. And so she is guiltless. She is not the cause of the demise of her lover's failed marriage. In fact what she is trying to say is that she is the hero here who readily gave an open arms [and legs] to a stray man.<br />
<br />
But that is her argument, that is the side of her story. But arguments and stories are only very good and believable until the other argument and the other side of the story is given and told. In the case of CharlieOldGirl69, we only know her side of the story. We don't know or may never know the other side. But she condemns me like I am the only sinner in this world. CharlieOldGirl69, you cast the first stone since you are the one without a sin here, and it hit me so hard, I cannot stand up anymore! Wow! <br />
<br />
As for the prediction of Ms. LLadyNotSoNyc, I am not going to end up pregnant and thrown in the street. I am a Nursing student, I will be a Nurse in three years, the best in my class and I know how it is to f*** without getting pregnant and I know how it is to enjoy a sinful sex without being discovered. I am learning how to be careful every minute since my MM and me is living under one roof.<br />
<br />
But there is a big difference between me and many of you so-called moralists here, I am not trying to justify my shortcomings and my faults. I readily says here that it is my fault and I am the one to blame. But I am also saying that I am staying and I will not break with my MM since I love him and I cannot imagine life without him. But unlike CharlieOldGirl69, I am not saying that I am not the one to blame here. I found the marriage of my aunt and uncle so damn perfect and I am the one who is now causing its decay and eventually [may the gods forbid] the demise of this marriage. I am going to live with my guilt for the rest of my life.

Readers, rather than give advise to this clueless poster, we should start making predictions to how this is going to blow up.<br />
<br />
My prediction: Pregnant and thown into the streets by the aunt and,since the uncle is a laywer. I am sure he knows a few tricks of his own.

Our integrity is not based on what we do, but in what we would not do.

Charliegirl68,<br />
<br />
If I am not worth responding to, then why on Earth have you responded? Look who's talking about manners? You seem to forget that you were the first to give a not so very nice comment about me. The natural tendency of a person being attack is to fight back! You are just looking and insulting me by the way I have responded to you, but you failed to remember that I retaliated because you started it. What would you like me to do, say good things to you? And who gave you the idea that I would like to use lady like manners with you? Woman, or maybe you are gay for your information I am never lady like. <br />
<br />
I am smarter than you, I will always be. If you are better it is because you are Old and Gray. I can still be better because I am still young at 18. You think you are a smart person because you were able to manipulate me? Golly, you were not able to take anything away from me. You manipulated me for your advantage? May I ask did you win anything? Were you able to prove anything? You want me to use my brain in other areas? Why, are we now living in the Dark Ages that people like you can dictate people what to do? I feel better about myself, yes I am immoral and I am enjoying every moment of it? Do you enjoy your life now? Pitiful person. I will go home when and where I want to and certainly I will not allow myself to be dictated by someone who is a moralist. Hahah! <br />
<br />
Can I give you an advice, why don't you hang yourself? The world will not miss you and it will be better without someone like you!

Donna,<br />
<br />
Thanks again and I thought I don't need someone to give me advice, but I think I do. I thought being the "other woman" is cool especially if the guy who you are having a relationship is someone rich, accomplished and financially stable. But it seems I am wrong. I cannot talk to our guidance counselor, nor any teacher since I am afraid they will kick me out of the program. I cannot afford that since I love this school, it is prestigious and I only paying half of everything since my grade is good, the lowest is A-. Maybe I always longed for a Dad, a Dad I never had. But I will not leave my aunt's house either just like someone is saying here. Where will I go, back to our province? Never, not until I will finish my course. I am not anymore a High Schooler, I am in Second Year College. So what if I am a narcissistic person? Anyone there who doesn't have an ego is a fool. I am not communicating with Charliegirl68... Obviously you are out of my league you *****! **** you and **** you again. If you are just nearby I will make you swim in mud. **** you! You go home and let your husband if you are a woman **** in all your orifice. Then let him **** you again when he is finished. Mind your own business you *****!

I will be glad to help you! I already know that you are well aware of God. Late at night when you can't sleep and you feel like the whole world in closing in, I know you turn to God. So, don't worry about the pushing him on you. You can hash that out with him.<br />
<br />
I can imagine that your adrenalin is going crazy lately, with your uncle being in the same room with you. I know that he must be discreetly brushing against you when he can, and even giving you looks when someone is walking out of the room. I am going to suggest something, Please take it into consideration. You need a counselor, I need you to ask your college teacher if he or she knows someone who can be discreet and it must be at a time that no one at the house will catch onto. I dont say this so someone can talk you out of this but, to help you heal that emptiness inside you. Only then can you do what's right for YOU. Your are looking for someone to hold you and tell you that you are the only thing they ever wanted. Someone who can take care of you. Someone who is financially sound. Who will protect you. Take up for you. <br />
I have just described a father. Please think about it .<br />

Well, let me blame all this ignorance on your age. It seems to me, you feel you are above the law. <br />
<br />
With all your talents and great skills for a young adult, you should be putting that to great use by helping under privilege kids who don't have a wealthy aunt and a hub to prey on.<br />
<br />
Keep us posted, will love to know how this soap ends.

Dear Friend,<br />
<br />
I am touched by your words. I have not truly realized all of my actions and I have lived only for myself and all that I want. You see its all what I WANT. Not even counting the cost. I don't know, I am maybe perplexed by all that is happening around me. And I have started all of these. <br />
<br />
The truth I am the person who still doesn't know what I have, my potentials. You see, many says I can write so well, I am even above my level [a Sophomore college student]. I can reason out with my philosophy teachers, I do well in Math and even Physics. I excel in almost anything in school, in fact I lead the class during the Mid Term. I have won in sports [Judo & Tae-Kwan-Do], I have good friends. I can play both lead and rhythm guitars, the keyboards. I can write poetry.<br />
<br />
Still I am empty inside. I still don't know what to do with my young life. But don't get me wrong. I have never tasted wine, cigarettes and drugs nor marijuana until now. Its because I go to a very prominent Catholic School for Girls, and I am living in a very descent neighborhood where no one is into things that are not wholesome. I know I am lucky to be living with my Aunt's family. The only thing that is not right now is this affair with my uncle.<br />
<br />
Will you help me overcome this thing that I think is consuming my every fabric. I know there is still good in me. I know that. But please do not start with the concept of God. Please?

I hope this decision does'nt leave you in tears and all alone again. At least you are going into it with your eyes wide open. You said you are tired of being alone and lonely. You are never alone! <br />
Ask God to give you a sign tonight. I promise he will, one way or the other. <br />
Just be prepared to hear the answer. God bless you!<br />

Well it seems that you have a good point, almost saintly. I do respect it since everything you say is true and morally right. But I posted my story not to solicit advice or I need moralizing. As you have said it is a decision, so I made one. It may not be the soundest decision at all but I am ready to face the consequences. If I will leave and pack my things up, everybody will wonder why. If I stay and break this relationship, the more it will be glaringly obvious with everybody. The best that I can do, is continue this immoral relationship and be careful with every move we make. I can hold back my feelings and actions when everybody's home and so can Uncle Bill. So we don't have a problem there. Thank you for your concern and I must say yours is the best advice I've heard for a very long time. But if I must break this relationship now, I will be wildly hurt and unhappy. I am not a martyr to think of others. I am too selfish to let others be happy and me so very lonely, I am tired of being lonely all my childhood since my parents broke up. Its my turn.

You are about to ruin every life that you have touched since you moved in. Your cousins are going to hate you for one. The Aunt who took you in is going to kick you out and then she is going to kick him out. The school you attend will be harder to go to when you have all this guilt on your conscience. Your Uncle will realize that he is about to lose his good name and his family. Your family will be ashamed they ever let this happen. Your Mom and Aunt will have words and strain between them now. Someone who has greatly admired you and was hoping to be with you will now never take that step. You were trusted and respected. You will never be trusted and respected again. These people you needed have now all been betrayed by family (you). <br />
Change your mind, even if you can't change your heart. It is a decision, not a feeling.