I Have To Let Go So Im Not Going To Call Him Anymore

Ok so this is going to be day 1 of me not calling my MM. It is going to be a very hard challenge but Im going to have to do it. My MM had confirmed to me last night that his wife is actually pregnant. Well he stilll wants to continue talking to me and being with me but I dont know, something about him wanting to stay cheating on his wife while she is pregnant is turning me away from him.

This is not going to be easy because I do have a certain love for him but someone that has recently came into my life that I can talk to this about is making me see what an *** my MM actually is. I know the moment I stop calling my MM and texting him he is going to text me more and Im going to want to give in but Im not. I have been with him going on 3 or 4 years now and Im still in the same position as I was in day 1 of the relationship besides having strong feelings for him I dont get much from this relationship so how hard can it really be? Its just a bad habit thats hard to break and Im going to stop COLD TURKEY!!!!!

Thankyou for helping me see the light! (you know who you are) Wish me luck everyone for I will keep you posted!
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2011

Best of luck to you... :)

Good for you - keep the strength

Wow! You are a strong person. I wish you the best. I am glad you found someone to help you through this. You are right when you say things are still the same from Day 1. Things will never change as long as you give in. Sometimes it's hard trusting the advice you get online. It sounds like your helpful friend knows how to help you. I hope he or she leads you to freedom!