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The other woman really? Come on ladies we deserve a tittle better than that, right? After all we are so much more to these men than just their other women. We are everything their wife is NOT and then some. I met my man six years ago and sparks flew the moment we Set eyes on eachother. Their was this attraction between us far beyond anything i have ever felt. We created a relationship way before it got physical. We talk about everything under the sun, yes including his family. We get from eachother what the other is missing. Once upon a time I was the wife to a cheating husband and now I'm on the other side of the fence. Our relationship is not perferct and yes I wish things could be different but it is what it is. At the end of the day we are no different than any other woman, yes including wifey.... We are women in love
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how do you feel sharing? how do you feel that in 6 years, he's still with his wife? are you also married? i'm curious and not trying to be inflammatory or ugly.

Well stated he would be doing his wife a huge favor if he would just be a real man and divorce her. I suggest you marry him you two sound like the perfect match. Your Clyde to his Bonnie.From my experience the other woman is nothing more than stress relief. No mortgage worries, or bill worries no real responsibilities/ Or kids. Dinner & a movie and the panties slide right off. I suggest you marry him I can guarantee if he cheats with you he'll cheat on you. That man has manipulated and milked you for 6 years so standing ovation to you. Your are one special breed. Good luck with your pending nuptials I'm sure you two will live happily ever after.

Well put, you're right anything can damage a marriage but other things like golfing trips don't come with that horrendous sense of betrayal. My husband cheated, i found a box of condoms in his car and i left. I was a good wife, didn't bug him with house work, I was ready and more than willing whenever he wanted sex, and he just shut me out. He was the one who didn't want it as often after our son was born. I warned him before we got married, don't ever cheat on me, i don't care if we've been married for 20 year, you cheat, were through. Apparently he didn't listen, now its been three months and he still calls me everyday wanting to talk, i just hand the phone straight to my son, hes showed up at my front door at least 8 times crying, begging me to take him back, but im sorry he should have thought about that before he decided to screw around on me. I've been cheated on by every single man i've ever cared about, every single one, which is why i have a zero tolerance polocy hen it comes to cheating. You know what i do every time a married man comes on to me? I find out where he lives and i go straight to his wife and tell her everything, I would never hurt another woman the way i've been hurt.

I've seriously benn considering starting my own business when my divorce is final. I'm prety good looking and i have alot of georgous friends. I plan on devoting my lifeto catching the ****** that can't be faithful, being a temptress sounds really appealing to me, helping other women find out if their man is true before they get in a situation like me would be the best job in the world to me.


Your story is interesting. I like how you put it together.

As long as it works for you then it should be okay. But your story don't work for everyone in this world.

As for the title. You will always be the other woman because he already has a main woman which is his wife.

The reason why the other woman does things that the wife does not do is to get and keep the man interested. If the wife was doing it he would not be looking for it elsewhere.

I have men friends and I asked them why they mess around and they told me that the wife is the queen and the other woman is his freak, ****, hoe--all the things he would not ask his wife to be.

I don't know if all men think like that but I asked a few of them and they all said the same thing.

6 years is a long time to have an affair with a MM and it is going strong. I would think that considering that it happened to you in your marriage that you would understand how the wife is feeling and leave the MM alone and get a single man.

Unless you like the idea of having someone else man because it happened to you. The fact that he is married is also appealing to you because you know that he has to go home to his wife soon or later and that gives you a chance to mess around yourself because you are not tied down.

If he was not married would you still be dealing with him?

I am not judging you and talking about you. To each its own. I am happy that you are happy, but are you really happy? Were you happy when you found out that you were sharing your husband with another woman? If the relationship is all that why he hasn't left his wife? 6 six years and the wife hasn't found out or suspected anything? That is strange because no one can take care of two households. Someone is going to go without and it will be either you or the wife.

Take care, protect yourself and good luck.

Human relationships are the most complex and rewarding experiences this life has to offer. I think what you've posted here is really honest. I'm not proud of being apart of a relationship that would be really hurtful to someone else but ultimately we're all just looking for love. It's beyond cliche but it's what deep meaningful life is centered around.

I used to think that too, I was the other woman for many years but it is obvious that I meant nothing to him when after he married me he went and found another girlfriend. We have been married a year and a half. I told him to file for divorce. So don't fool yourself. ONCE A CHEATER...