Will He Be In Touch?

I have been seeing a married man on and off for almost two years. The first time she found out about us it took him two weeks to get back in touch, the second time took him nine months. I moved to a new city because he had promised he was going to leave her and after three months here he admitted he had no intention of leaving because she was pregnant. I pressured him into telling her, I thought now was the time to be honest because there's no way you can bring a child into the world based on lies and deceit. He called to say she knew and blamed me for everything, that I had left him with nothing, no relationship, no roof over his head and he said goodbye and goodluck. He said his phone was broken and it has not been switched on since.
I was wondering what he is thinking and if he will be in touch?
Roooke Roooke
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 17, 2011

Good luck