I Was The 1st Woman And Now The Other Woman

Well my story started about a year and half ago. I met him online and I knew from the 1st conversation there was something there. We talked for close to 2 hours on the phone. Then we made plans to go to dinner. He lived and hour away. He was in my area for work. He was a resturant manager for a family owned resturant and his Uncle bought a resturant and he was in town remodling it and was going to work there as well.  We went to dinner and has an amazing time, we both have alot of common.  We were seeing each other on a regular basis and at one point he told me he was falling in love with me.  Things were going very well. One particular night he asked me to meet him for drinks and meet some people from the resturant. I was running a little late and when I finally got there, he has been drinking alot. He was sitting next to this darked hair woman. He leans over and says to me, isnt she cute.. (I am very open minded and we both arew swingers) I said hmm no not really. He said can we take her home? I was like hmmm NO.  Over the next few months we were still seeing each other,and he was working alot of hours.  The new resturant finally opened and he was transfered back to the other resturant and moved back an hour away. We still managed to see each other a few nights a week and called every night and everyday.  I was finding little things that made me think he was messing around with her.  I would ask him and he said no. Well one night last summer we were out and both drinking and he called me his F.... buddie! I was sooo hurt and devistated.  I wanted to leave and go home but I was an hour from home and had been drinking so I had to stay. He trieto appolozie to me but i was soo hurt. I stopped talking to him and eventually he stopped calling me.  Then out of the blue this past October I got  a phone call. At 1st I didnt know who it was.  He changed his number. Then I realized who it was. We talked for a while and he told me he moved back to my town. In my heart i knew he moved in with her.   He called me the next day and wanted me to meet him for a drink. I should have said NO but I did, I was curious to see he had to say.  So I met him and the connection with us was still there.  He told me that he had a falling out with his uncle and he quit the family busniess and moved in with her. That upset me and we didnt speak again for another month. He kept calling me and finally we went out again. He told me how much he missed me and how much he loved me and he always wants to be a part of my life.  To make a long story short, we are seeing each other on a regular basis.  He told me that last summer he made a big mistake by moving in with her. He was down on his luck with not much money and moved in with her and now he owes her alot of money. His truck he put in her name for insurance purpouses. I love him soo much. I feel deep down he loves me too. He finally has another job and is paying her back.. He keeps telling me once he gets her paid back and back on his feet he is moving out. Ive been getting boxes for him for the past few months. He says he is packing up things. I have never met anyone like him. I ve been on a few other dates and noone compares to him. I am bored with other people.   Im getting alot of slack from my friends, telling me how stupid I am for still being with him. I cant imgaine my life with out him in it. Call me crazy! Thanks for listening and the support..  NOT many people understand.. My friends say its because the sex is good. yes the sex is good. but we just recently started having sex again. Last summer was the last time we had sex.,
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totally agree with everything outofthedarkness1 has said. Very well thought out and wise feedback. Think about what she has said scoby!!