The Battle Continues

I thought things were over, I let it go, and decided it was time to move on and stop hoping that I got that phone call from him. Two weeks ago I got a phone call while reading a book in my room. I had been getting alot of unrecognized number phone calls because I was looking for another job, so I didn't even look at it and just answered the phone. Well as soon as I said hello the person on the other line hung up. I looked at the number and recognized it as belonging to him.

I text him asking why he had called me and pleaded for him to leave me alone. I was getting to the point where I didn't think about him, I didn't fight with myself to put the phone down and not call him. He (or so I thought) answered the text with more accusations that I was stalking him and that I was lying to his wife to sabotage their relationship. The fight continued for over an hour and i finally left and went for a run so that I would stop shaking and calm down.

I came home to see a new text saying "just come to my house". I was so confused. I had never been to his house, I didn't even know where he lived. That's when I knew that I was arguing with his wife the whole time while she posed to be him. Once I announced that I knew it wasn't him she did a complete 180 telling me that I was a really cool chick and that we should be friends, asking me about ********** and intimacy with just her. I was disgusted to think that a woman would be okay with experimenting with the woman that her husband was having an affair with. I so desperately needed closure and to say good bye and really know if things weren't as bad as he said they were.

My MM called me after I talked to her and said that they were just at the house drinking a bit and wanted me to come over to talk and so he could see me one last time. He apologized several times over the phone, said he was a piece of ****, and that he was so sorry for dissappearing like he did. I finally agreed to go over there, I spent about two hours there and everything was okay, a bit awkward but we seemed to be getting along okay. Then we all went inside and were watching tv when MM fell asleep. That's when things went south, she started interrogating me about everything, asking me all these questions, telling me that they were intimate every day, and that he lied about everything. Drilled it in my head saying these things over and over. Finally, even though drunk I left and drove home because I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't handle being in his nice house, seeing the life that they had together.

I got home and sat down on my bed, tried to process what had just happened and broke down in tears and couldn't hold it in. My phone rang and I answered it, it was my MM. He sounded horrified and asked me what had happened and between my sobs I told him what she said and he was very upset on how things played out. She hit him over the head with a beer bottle after I left and was screaming at him, so he was on his way to my house, to make sure I was okay and to get away from her.

We ended up falling asleep and we woke up the next morning, I could tell after all the drama the past two weeks and all the mixed messages, stories and lies that the connection there was gone. He left that morning and I felt at peace with the situation. He called me later on that afternoon and I felt like I was just talking to a buddy. It felt good.

well another week went by with no contact between any of us. Things were finally calming back down and I have been gearing up to move to a new city. i went out with some friends one last time before I leave and I look down at my phone to check the time and I had three missed calls from his cell phone. Instantly I was shaking again. It's like they are haunting me. I called him back to see what he wanted and she answers saying she did not mean to call me, it was an accident. When I got home I had a message on Facebook from her fake page, so I knew it was no accident. The Facebook messages continued for two days so finally I text-ed him and asked if he had his phone back yet because we needed to talk. She calls from his phone and threatens to beat my *** if I ever text her husband again, and I was shocked. I wasn't the one that repeatedly harassed her. They continued to call, text, FB, he even showed up at my house when I was more than ready for it to all be over. I cannot wait to get a break from this city and get away, that way he won't know where to find me anymore. I just wish they would handle this maturely and move on from it.
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Leaving tomorrow and I am very excited. I have them blocked from all forms of communication as of earlier this evening, so as long as no one shows up at my place tonight, I will never hear from them again. I can't wait to get to my new city and new job, being unemployed and bored has made things harder these past three weeks, but I think I have handled everything pretty well. I really did like it here, and I met alot of really cool people and made a little family, but I atleast need a little break so hopefully they can forget about me so that this mess will finally stop.