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I meet this man and he's married he goes to my church actually he's a preacher what am I to do?? I have caught feelings for him..
amy56 amy56 31-35 1 Response Nov 10, 2011

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You are more than confused. It would be wrong for you to come between him and his wife/family.<br />
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Preachers are known to fool around despite their position. He is not Jesus, he's human and can make some real bad choices too.<br />
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You would not like yourself if you had an affair with this family man/preacher. He will lose his position as a preacher and/or the church will be against you/him and you will have to leave.<br />
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Find a REAL man who will be honest and ethical. Someone who thinks about his choices and others. That also includes you. To get into an affair with you just tells you how selfish a person he can be. He's not thinking about his family/wife.<br />
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I REAL man/preacher will have to tell you to stay away and keep out of being put in awkward mements with you. If you are flirting, stop.<br />
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This will never end like you hope it will.