The Wife Is Harassing Me

I am the hateful other woman who had a relationship with a married man for 15 years.  It ended very badly and I in the fit of anger sent 3 emails to everyone at his office because I was bent on destroying his career.  He had to tell his wife and she has called me calling me all kinds of names.  I accepted this because I know what I did was wrong.  Now I feel guilty for sending those emails. Since the phone call she's been texting me wanting to know about the affair.  I entertain these phone texts thinking that she wanted answers.  But now whenever she's angry she'll text.  I want to move on but I can't because of her texting.  I'm afraid if I don't reply her texts she'll harass me at the office.  She's already threatened that she'll look for me at the office.  Now I'm living in fear this. I don't want her husband anymore but his wife doesn't believe me.

I am a Malaysian and in Malaysia polygamy is legal for muslim men provided he gets permission from his first wife.  He thought to wait until his wife is ready to accept another wife before asking for permission.  This went on for 15 years.  And stupid me was hopeful and kept on the affair.  Now his wife is bent on revenge on both of us.  She's threatened to humiliate me at the office.  Now I'm living in fear of this happening.  I don't know what to do.  Please, please advise.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2012

Talk to her. Tell her what she wants to know. It might just be breaking for both of you.

I really can't say that she will eventually stop texting. I just found out that my husband has been seeing his x-girlfriend. And I got so angry that I started leaving her messages because she doesn't want to answer. All I want is for her to answer and I will probably keep doing it until she answers, she destroyed my life so I am going to make her pay. You can't hurt people with your decisions and just come out clean. If you do bad thing , bad things will happen to you, You should ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart to all the ones you hurt by having this relationship and then maybe you will start having peace. And sin no more. Don't do anything against her, she has all the right, remember you are the one that got into her life. Sorry I can't help you on how to stop the texting this is how I feel from a wife's point of view. May god bless you and remember sin no more, and find your own man not somebody else's, good luck.