What a Fool Have We Become?

Hey I think I said this **** would happen! Not wanting to be a told you so, hey! I think I said this would happen! Who are we taling abp[out me or you? I have afeeling we are taling about me? what do you think? I feel like a dang fool! so who really cares i THINK ALL WE REALLLY CRE ABOUT IS OURSELFS! i DONT RECALL ANYBODY CARING ABOUT ME! iT JUST SEEMS LIKE EVERYBODY CARES ABOUT THEMSELFS! WHAT DO YOU THINK? i KNOW IT APPEARS THAT i`M  JUST COMPLAING, WELL i GUESSS i THINK THAT THAT IS ALL i`M DOING i CHALLING ANYONE OUT THEIR TO FEEL WHAT,Hell I`m saiding if you feel like saying what`s on your mind then say it? am I thee only one big enough to say it? what the,,,,is wrong? Dont tell me that I`m the only one that is abble to say that I was used? come on! dont tell me I`m the only one? come on I`m here somebody tell me?am I the only fool here?
onedge39 onedge39 36-40, F 1 Response Mar 29, 2007

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I am writing because I think I do not fully understand what you wrote and why.

I get: People only care about themselves.

You were used also?

Do you think maybe you could tell the story so I could understand better? (I know, it is all about me and me understanding.)

Also, your story is full of emotion yet I am struggling to understand the following:

Why do you say people only care about themselves?

How were you used? What does mean to you? How are you handling it?

Your story is powerful yet missing some details.

What do you think?

I would like to know more so I can understand better.

Take care,