I`m Sorry!

Hey if anybody will listen to me?                           Yesterday I said some things that might have come of being rude mean,or just down right nasty!If I have offended anybody I truly am sorry! this is to everybody,or anybody that had to read my poor excuss for a human! rants. Again  I`am Sorry.                          Hope to talk to somebody soon  onedge39
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3 Responses Mar 30, 2007

My father always had girlfriends. I went to their houses when I was little. My mother was horrible, I used to wish the girlfriends would be my mother. What I didn't realize was that, these other women cost my dad money, I figured out that's why we didn't really have any thing. I think my mom started out to be one of those many women, maybe she insisted on marriage and once she became the wife, she became the enemy, and, unfortunately, I was hers, so I went without alot. My dad has supposedly been broke poor my whole life, but he has a house in florida, and an appartment too. You see, he divorced my mom, and married one of his girlfriends. Now she's the wife, that's why he has a house, and an apprtment-get it, an extra appartment. Oh yeah, he's still always 'broke'. You deserve someone who is all yours.

I agree with the other comment that is what this site is for. It has really helped me alot. I felt kinda pathetic at first because my stories were so depressing and I didn't want to come across as a whiner. Whatever we do in life right or wrong we are all just human beings. I don't believe in judging people because there is goodness in everyone.

I read your 'rants' yesterday. Don't sweat it. that's what the site is here for. Express yourself, get it out. I know its done me more good than I could ever have imagined. So no apology necessary....<br />
PS - I didn't comment cause I didn't feel as though you wanted to hear from a guy.....