To Love Is Not A Sin!!

So almost 7 weeks later here we were lost into each other. I was missing him so badly. We talked to meet. But then I got angry as he didn't answer my call. Told him that he shouldn't come n I don't want to see him. But even before I could enter my home he was there, standing inside the lift to my home. I like that but still show him that m not interested. He followed me to my home, came in. I was standing with a pale face n then he got up n hugged me. Oh I felt so safe there in his arms. We stand still for some time hugging tight n more tight. N then his lips came close to mine, his warm breath was making me melt like chocolate. N he kissed me on the lips a small one n then one more another one n before I know everything inside our mouth was mingled into eachother. Our body's temp. was rising n all we want was to go down n wild. He took me from the hall to the room , laid me on the bed n for next hour and a half it was just us. Going wet, wild, screaming, moaning..... He asked me to eat him n I felt like I am going to eat him all.
It was so good!!
During that time his phone was ringing but he didn't pick. She was calling him. She even forced him to put her pic on his phone wallpaper. He told me how his every step outside his home being watched. But isn't it coz he allowed that thing to happen. Yes it's very difficult to resist him, to resist the conversation , a small hug or kiss. But at the end I know I do no good for me.
I have love this man and he loves me. I always thought that may be I did something wrong but no. To love some so deeply isn't a sin. I used to think that we me n MM are not doing right to her, but did she for even a second have thought about me that life hadn't played fair with me either... no!! Then why the he'll I should think about her. I feel no guilty not at all. She could have loved him more than me, she could have been his everything and not just wife. She could have tried to be in his heart. According to her she knows him since they were in school. Really???? He isn't a womanizer. Had she really know him n understand him I would have never been into his life. And if for not doing all this she isn't at fault than doing all this am not at fault either. What was meant to be happen has happened. I never wanted anything bad for her she did. Even today after all this I still don't want anything bad for her but she could go to any extent to harm me had she come to know that we are still in touch.
Why? What she got out of this, a satisfied ego. His heart n soul are mine n will remain that way. She has his body a physical presence ,a social certificate. Can keep it. Even if she sleep with him he will always has me on his mind. She can never put me out of his heart. Had I been in her place as a wife could have never stayed with a man whom I know is not just is not in love with me but someone else.
If I was the other woman so is she. Just by having a legal certificate gives her authority to be with him. I have much more than a piece of paper with him. So coming between me n him isn't she becoming the other woman.
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Wow...thanks! Never thought that they are TOW. Coz most of our MM feel that they can be themselves and at ease with us and the real thing is being with us. When they are with their wives most times they are stuck and have to be hypocrites.

Melsha i do not know whether to take ur comment as a compliment or in a negative sense... But I truly belive that by just having a legal paper in wife's hand not really spare her specially where she knew the truth. Its like there is YOU &ME and The other person is the one who comes between "WE". till the time there was something between them I was TOW. But the day he told me that everything here is between me n him for me she became TOW.  I don't know how true is it but MM told me long back ( to be very precise on 14 Feb.2004 in the 3 days train journey) while breaking the news of his twins that it just happened while he was too drunk n thought it's me who is sleeping next to him. so her only assets n the reason him still being with her is coz of some scotch n me.  He didn't have anything going between him n her.  He said it many times that I m his real  wife,  lover, friend n everything. She just have his name. So who was the other woman?? N why should I believe him is simply coz he has prove it. I too had my doubts but he did that just for me .  

The fact that he has her picture as his wallpaper says it all. Are there any pictures of the two of you together? Hey I'm in the same boat, and it's hard. I wouldn't like to be the wife that gets cheated on but it's no piece of cake being the one that's kept in the closet, so to speak. Do you really think she forced him to put her pic on his phone? I don't. I hear excuses like that all the time and I'm way past believing them.

In our relation of more then ten years n after the technology gets advacnced to have wallpapers over phone never he had her pic. He told me that just to avoid everyday fights front of the kids he gave up n do what she says. She forced him to put her pic on the phone next she might ask her name tattoo on his arm, but she will never going to get her pic placed in his heart. I live there and will be there forever n ever. She knows it very well.
Yes we have lots of pics together and more than the pics we had all those moments, memories, kissess we had so much together.
I was never in the closet. His n my best friends know about us. Those who haven't been told knew themselves as our wasn't a fling of a month or two. In ten years even the married couple start compromising with each other for the sake of different issues but we even today are madly in love with each other. Our love is still as fresh as that of a teenager going on the first date.....
I know he isn't lying to me....

" If I was the other woman so is she " ......Never thought of it that way but your right. When he's with me she's the ow but when he's with her I'm the ow. Difference is he can be himself with me, with her he can't and I know he loves that.

He was with me for 10 long years so wasn't she was the other woman for me that time. If yes then there is noway I should feel any guilt or sorry for her. He himself told me that it was me who pushed him away. Had I not done that we would have been together.
I still remember how he used to run to my home before I woke up n made every effort to spend most of his time with me. We both work n in a same profession. I know how hard at times it gets to come after a long day but still make a point to have dinner together, make sure I am in my bed give me a goodnight kiss n go.
He did all this coz he truly loved me n really wanted me in his life. I did feel that time she was the other woman.
If for once he has to think about just himself, he will not going to waste a second and come to me. Though he has to think about his kids, parents, etc. Etc. n coz of that he cut himself, he locked his heart but again not all. Anyways u need some air to to keep alive. She has used all means to keep him to her, but can do nothing to keep me out of his heart.