Four Years On....

I can't believe it's been four years and nothing has changed. They aren't married and don't have kids, he admits that he loves her but "like a friend", he says they are more like housemates and he stays because he doesn't want to shatter her especially when she has really been good to him. I know the truth is he loves us both but if I gave him an ultimatum, he would stay with her. What makes it even more confusing is I am so in love with him, so emotionally dependent on him, even though he has proven himself to be a cheat and a liar. I know he will never leave her, and even if he did I know we wouldn't work out because I would never trust him. I've tried to leave him so many times but we both fall apart, and I cave in. It's hard because he's the only person in my life that I am close too. I want to leave the state to get away from it all and make a clean break, but I cant leave my elderly mother who is sick. The hardest thing is when they go on holidays together, or when I see pictures of them together on facebook. There are no photos of us in existence. Even writing this makes me feel pathetic.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

Yeah, I get what you mean. My MM says that he hardly speak to her at home but I see pix of them during holidays which makes me wonder all the time.