Do you "other women" get satisfaction out of what you do? You ruin marriages, relationships, trust, and sometimes children are in the picture. How do you sleep at night? And why do you go after someone who already has a comitment to someone else, wouldnt you want someone who can devote all of their time and attention on you? How would you feel if you truly loved someone and they had "another woman" on the side and were playing you? If a man has another commitment to anyone else whether it be marriage or girlfriend they should immediately be off limits until other parties are out of the picture. But i do feel bad for the women who get lied to, and have no idea they are the "other woman"
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lol...oh sure, TONS of satisfaction...are you out of your mind? First of all, you can't just judge ppl, when you don't even know their story...everyone has something going on that is different. And second, in some cases, mine for example, although you could CALL me the OW, I have been with my mm longer than the wife. I understand that there are some women out there that actually prey on married men, because it is fun for them, but I dont think. you will fknd many of those here. Loving a married man and actually committing to him, especially if you KNOW he is not going to leave his wife, for whatever reason, even if you know he loves you - is a very painful way to live, and NOT something that many get satisfaction out of. Even men who get CAUGHT rarely leave, nor do their wives leave them as often as you would think. Statistically - "we" tend to lose, more than we, the foot stomping, and passing of judgment ks really not necessary. We lose enough sleep without your help. Thanks.

I feel sorry for married women like you who think we chase after ur men. My MM has been caught and he never ended it with me. We had a trying time after that cos he had to be indoors to make his marriage work. Il never marry him and it was good that he saw it better to nurse his marriage. Guess what after a month he was back in my arms for the whole weekend. We don't run after them, mine runs after me, question is he is happy at home but why cheat and if I am making their lives miserable when he gets caught, why not back off.

First of all I have been cheated on in the past, and yes it sucks, but not because he had sex with someone else, but because he lied to me about it. Personally I don't think that there is anything natural about being with just one person, if monogamy was natural then people wouldn't cheat. <br />
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I prefer being the other woman specifically because he won't devote all of his time to me, he doesn't want to know about my day, he doesn't need to know what I'm doing or who I'm with. I get all the fun parts of a relationship and none of the BS. <br />
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I never made any kind of commitment to his girlfriend, he did! I'm not doing anything to her, he is. If a guy wants to cheat, he's going to cheat, if it's not with me it's just going to be with someone else. <br />
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Finally, maybe the wives/girlfriends should think about what they are doing so wrong that makes their man feel that he needs someone else. Maybe they are being selfish trying to force a man to be with only them when it clearly isn't what he wants, because if he WANTED to be faithful, he would be.

I'm not an OW, but your post is really narrowminded. I don't put blame on the women, i put blame on the men who seek them out. Those are the ones that should be responsible to their committment, the OW's didn't make the vows or break them, their MM's did.

Do wives get satisfaction by keeping their husbands genitals in a glass jar and keeping them in the closet to collect dust? Does it make them happy to see him rock hard every morning just to ignore it and go check their email? If I even hint at a blow job all I get is a look of fear. I can't even talk about sex with my wife. I can't joke about it or sweet talk her. Talking about love or how we fell in love doesn't get her going. Buying flowers gets me a smile and a hug, and if I throw in a poetic love letter I wrote it will make her teary eyed. But it won't get her excited or horny. I can't ask her what she likes sexually, if I do I won't get a response. It's torture and neglectful. I've tried a thousand times and in as many different ways to explain the importance of intimacy to my wife to no avail. Then I gave up. And I told her I gave up. No response. If either partner ignores the other partners needs you will be creating a need that will eventually be filled by someone else. Fact of life.

Try with somebody else...

Im sorry to hear that she isnt satisfying you at all.....all of us women arent like that and maybe youd be better off with someone you can openly talk to and someone who enjoys having sex just as much as you do. I feel bad for the men in your man definetly isnt neglected

I hear that from so many guys, and oddly enough, I hear women talking about the way their husbands act, and it is clear that they are doing this, and getting annoyed that hubby is responding to a lack of intimacy. I will never understand the "reel em in then cut em off" thing...followed by shock when they stray.

Lol...What about the man himself? "Other women" don't owe anything to anybody... Husbands do.... What about many husbands in sexless marriages? Should wives remember about their husbands natural desires? If all of them remember, probably they would have much less reason to complain about "other women"...

Until you are in our position, it's a bit difficult to understand. I know coz I was feeling the same way as you before I met him. It's not an excuse but it was never a choice for me. Everything happens for a reason and it takes 2 to clap.