Not Really Sure Where To Go From Here

So here it goes...
just so you know.. I'm 22 he is 30....

I met a guy online 3 years ago we talked all the time he ended up living about an hour away from me. we talked about meeting up constantly but never did. he is married, within this time he has had one child. we kind of got caught at one point so we ended up talking on his work phone and emailing constantly.
for a while i thought he just wanted sex but for talking that much about everything for so long i figured he wouldn't stick around for that long if that was all he wanted. he has never cheated on his wife before and last night we finally met and had sex I'm sure it was stupid to have sex the first time meeting him in person, but i couldn't help myself I've wanted to be close to him for years and i finally had the chance i had to take it. he emailed me right away and today he is with his family so i understand not hearing from him but I'm not sure if we are together or what really we are and i don't know really how to bring it up I've never asked him about leaving his wife because i never wanted to push but now that we have slept together i think we really need to figure out what is going on with us.
i know i have feelings for him I'm not completely sure how much feelings he has for me since we have never talked about him leaving his wife. with us talking for 3 years what do you all think.
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5 Responses May 6, 2012

Ideally you want a relationship where you experience a lot of "firsts" together. First marriage, first child, Christmas together...etc. Those are big things. He already has done it with someone else, so you will never be as special as you hope with this guy. Sorry, but you wont. Screw him if you want but, accept the fact that he aint it for you. There is plenty of good single guys to have a solid relationship with, and if he is honest with you he will tell you that he can't give you what you really need because he is already giving that to his family. Don't ever think you are something more to him until he actually leaves his wife. Until that're his side girl. Nothing more.

You're too young for this... If he wants to leave his wife for you, then great. However there is a difference between people saying things and meaning what they say. Remember actions speak louder than words. ALWAYS. I think you need to stop it all until he makes his move and continue living your life.

Your young...go with it and do what you feel is right. He has to deal with his stuff, you don't. But you should keep yourself free for more. :-)

I honestly doubt hes going to leave his wife, one night of sex isnt goin to erase the fact that hes started a family, but..... I think that you guys need to talk it out and just be honest with how you feel

I think you need to find free man for yourself... Many women wasted their lives for married men....