Help Me Translate The Ending!

If you read my other story you know the background. Cut contact with my MM 3 weeks ago after he said he felt like he needed to give his marriage a chance for his son. (he had told his wife two & 1/2 months ago that he was unhappy, was not in love with her anymore & she went on anxiety meds & asked him to go to counseling.) This is the text I got after we had to abruptly end the the conversation because his wife came home. Quote: "The conversation didnt end the way would have liked it to. I wanted to say that i am so sorry for disrespecting you. I NEVER would do that on purpose. I am sorry for nit being more clear. Obviously i have a lot of things to work on, both my self and at home. I do love you so very much. I hate that i frustrated you and disappointing you. Please be careful. Good bye." I responded " You too Remember, I take care of myself, you have to work on taking care of you" and got this reply from him "  I will. I just feel so horrible about letting you down so bad. Hopefully one day you can forgive me. Until then, i will work on me." I had a weak moment & emailed his best friend to see if he was okay. His best friend said he misses me and just doesn't know what to do. That he feels stuck. But he knows things will all work out well "we just don't know how."
I realize I should have not emailed his BF but can anybody decipher this wishy washy nonsense. I think I am having trouble letting go because seems like he is doing what he feels like he has to but maybe not what he wants. Please translate if you have been through this!
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I appreciate everyone's input; reinforces that there is no other way. Just have to figure out how to get my heart to catch up to my logical side in moving on...been a month. Figured I would be much "better" by now but at least have not let myself contact him. Babysteps...

I've been there. In my case it dragged out for years. He loved me enough to leave but his sense of obligation to her and the kids riddled him with guilt, he went back and forth a few times and we all suffered. There was no happy ending. Do yourself a favour, let him sort out his life and move on. This isn't the right time for you two.

Do you think that if I stick to no contact & let him sort things out & he does leave his wife (with me not involved) that there is a better chance for a happy ending?

Been to exactly the same place where u r. Or in a way I still am. <br />
May be he always knew it that doesn't matter how much he wanted to be with me but he can't. So he kept me with him for more than a decade, till the point where I pressurized him enough to speakup. He did that. At first I think he just opened the wrap at his home n it was a blast. He was broken n went under stress. It was me who took him to sm medical help as I couldn't see him like this. So know when it was all clear for me that he is not coming to me I told him not to talk to me n end it. He did keep his white face front of the family but couldn't keep it for long. Ours became an on n off relation. We really can't live without talking n seeing eachother for long time. <br />
Then came the day where he said everything front of me, his mother n wife. He took off that mask n told them that it was he who promised me to get married n loved me n so on... <br />
W created a big drama that day front of me she tried to hit me but he came between us. He did that just for me and she couldn't handle it. <br />
Why he is still there n not with me, I know it n got no doubt. Will he ever be able to come to me, chances are negative. He is living a life n so am I but we both aren't feel alive. When it gets too much we talk n see eachother. Though he told me everytime that it's not good for me n I must think bout myself now n try to move on, though we both can't do that.<br />
So may I say that possibility of ur MM coming to u is very less. Offcourse he loves u n isn't happy being away. If it's possible for u try not to contact him but not the expense of urself. I know we don't want to get between if he is trying make things better for him, if he is not being forced ( emotionally, socially, financially etc etc) by Wife n family. but if he isn't happy either than remember it's the W who has come between u n him just coz she has means to get hold of him and he has sacrificed his own happiness for others who really don't care about him.