Momo Is My Cat. This Is How It Goes Around My House

I have been remarking how smart I think my little dogs are. Well earlier when I was coming back here into my sanctuary, my puter room. My cat Momo bumped my leg and stepped on my toe like she usually does and I follow her and discover what she wants. I went on to my computers and did my thing. Well as I walked out after shutting things down she bumped my left leg again and stepped on the big toe of each of my feet. So I figured I might just go see what her problem was. Back into the front bed room she went and jumped up on the dresser where I keep her feeding dish so my puppies won’t eat hers all up. Like always when a photo opertunity comes up I don’t have a camera, She sat behind her food dish and patted the bottom of the empty bowl with her paw making one of those cat noises. Just saying. I had to fire this thang back up and show you how some of my life is. Dern cat.
muskratjo muskratjo
70+, M
May 8, 2012