The Other Woman Or Women"

I am so sorrie I put that one in here about the other woman but heck lots of time she reminds me about some of the Women I Have known. Up at the top where my picture with my lil dogs you can tell I am older than the age, 55, indicates. I lied. Add about twenty three more years on the time and we will be in the correct Ball park. For protection of those who might still be looking down at the grass, I shall lie some more. I will however try to keep the story interesting. I had a friend of many years who I shot trap with. I had header many time what a swords man he was with the ladies every time we went away on a trap shoot. I thought nothing of it having seen his wife who would qualify as a test pilot for,"North American Broom CO," Eventually he decided the uh Witch was having an affair with her boss at a factory where she was employed. I tried to tell my friend that I thought he should trust the mother of his children and let things go. Not to be. He started steaming open letters from the boss and the other way as well. He even showed me what he called evidence. I said he was reading between the lines and to drop the project. Nope, He dropped the witch. Right away he met a real strawberry blond lady with children and married her, I suspected the strawberry blond hair. As the story played on. it seemed she showed up in the part of the country I lived in to visit one of her relatives while-st my friend was away at a big-time Trap Match. She discover her relative was also away on business. She came to my house asking for lodging for the night. My wife just happened to be away visiting relatives in her country so of course I said, "YEAH.'. We ate, we drank and we danced. The booze got to me and this was what ya called stacked like a brick ship house. I gave it a try and carefully worded the following, "I have just gotta see them ****." She said of course and asked where the bedroom was. I let the way. She was getting her clothes of rather rapidly as was I. Then she paused and said, " I cant wait to see the expression on your face as you take my panties off. Being half shipped faced I went down to one knee and with my teeth proceeded to remove said panties. My jaw dropped and my eyes almost popped out. I was right there and then gazing upon proof that the woman was a real strawberry Blond. She laughed and fell into the bed. A while later resting beside her she remarked that I must have graduated from the same school my friend did. I said well maybe. As I stood up she gazed upon my manly-hood and remarked, "I didn't know they came in different sizes," Dumbfounded all I could figure out to say was, "Well it doesn't make any difference if it is used properly does it." leaving "The Strawberry Blond. " Speechless. Oh my what a weekend. I never did find out how my friend shot in the trap match that week end. I really didn't care. Please excuse my English. It's not my native language. Afdesinis
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Gosh. I worked sooo hard on this story. Looks like I got only one reader. It is true also, Geeshhh

Oh dear, that was a hilarious story!

Somewhat bawdy though, so I imagine women may not approve so highly. :)