So Confused...

This week me and my MM are supposed to go out for lunch. I really doubt its going to happen. this past week ive barely talked to him because im confused as to what we're doing. i really want to have sex with him, but if that goes well then i dont mind dating him. He's touches me sometimes in his shop and asks me vulgar questions sometimes, but normally we keep things pretty chill. But friday when i was there he told me quietly that his daughter was going to come up there to chill for a bit and his wife was going to drop her off (hint, hint). So I got it and had no problem leaving. He offered to find me a ride and i said no id walk ( i live less than a mile from his shop) and then he said he'd come by my work sat. to eat. What bothers me so much is that i knew he wouldnt. This is the start of whatever (and it could be the start of nothing) but right now i do consider him a friend and I hate the pety lies he says to "make me happy". He says **** like "Ill text you", "Im going to come eat lunch at your work today", and I'm pretty sure our "date" this week isnt going to happen. I have no problem with us just being friends, and I hate being treated like the other woman (cant be there when his wife comes by) even though we arent doing anything. I think I'm going to talk to him this week about it.... but IDK what to say or how to say it
M0naLisaSmil3d M0naLisaSmil3d
18-21, F
May 13, 2012