The Wife And I Join Forces

I had an affair with a married man. He did everything he could to keep us from ever communicating with each other. He told me she was crazy and would do anything to keep him and I from being together... the problem was I already knew her, and really didn't think she was crazy. Actually, she was very smart and interesting and successful, and I admired her. I felt guilty every day for betraying her with him. I wanted him, craved his affection, but deep down I couldn't shake the terrible feeling of guilt and indecency for what was going on behind her back.

One day she managed to get ahold of me, although I had not replied to her before. She begged me to tell her if we were still involved, because she had forgiven him on the condition that he not contact me anymore. I wasn't sure what she was up to, but she proved to me by showing me his emails to her that he'd been lying to both of us. I showed her his emails to me.

Suddenly, we are no longer enemies. She got into his email and we both discovered that he'd been at many sex/dating websites, looking for sex with other women. He had been sleeping with her (his wife), and wooing her, while telling me that they were doing none of that anymore. He was swearing to her that he'd only slept with me once and it was over, all lies.

We confronted him together with our emails, and he slunk away with his tail between his legs. He called us both names and basically had nothing to say for himself. I am SO glad that I took a chance and listened to her. I hope she doesn't go back to him, although if she does it's her choice. It feels really, really satisfying to have her forgiveness in some small way, and to have been honest with her when she asked me to be. She emails me now to check on me and let me know how she's doing. He made a big mistake by lying to us both so much... I will regret the role I played in hurting her forever, but we are both better for knowing the truth. He's out of my life for good, but they have kids together and I hope she can stay strong.

What one man does to a woman he does to all women...
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I agree totally with your last statement. Glad you got yourself free of that situation.