Well, I Did It.

At first I was just contemplating seeing my married man. But after countless emails,text messages, phone calls and a few meetings...it finally happened. I did it.
He is not my boyfriend. He's just the amazingly sexy, handsome, strong caring, friend that I've been looking for. We haven't known each other for very long but that doesnt matter all I know is that I want to feel him and touch him and kiss him and feel his hands on me. I want to lay next to him and listen to his heartbeat while he plays with my hair and lightly rubs my back. I respect that he has a wife, I have no intention of wanting him to leave her. I'm happy enough knowing that when he's with me, it's me whos making him feel great and wanted and sexy and affectionate. And it's a fantastic feeling knowing that he feels the same way, we have only been together a handful of times, but I look forward to every hour spent together in the future. I'm looking forward to being his other woman.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Consider the collateral damage you're inflicting here. You are helping this man turn his family's life upside down, when his kids find out (its a when and not an if) they will never see him the same way. They will know that their family and their well-being wasn't worth more than a ****. Can you really do that to another person?

You are an intruder here... Why do you lame *** ******* continue to be with MM. They are off limits.. What is wrong with you that you can't date single men.. Are you mentally incompetent. Are fat and ugly. I don't comprehend why you would choose someone that is disrespecting you. His wife and kids will find out and you will be responsible for the destruction of their marriage and trust. If you refuse to see him he wont be tempted to cheat..you are just a W****

Enjoy it. Sounds like great sex but realize there we be little to no holidays spend with this man, very few special moments, and very few benefits for you outside the bedroom. No introducing him to friends or the folks either. :) <br />
<br />
if it's just sex, go for it. :)