I Feel Like The Other Woman

me and my now ex met over a year ago and have been together ever since. we had hard times because i always thought he was cheating on me and he would just tell me it was my own insecurities. well come to find out i was right.  about a month ago i call this woman on his phone and she tells me how they just recently had a baby together and they are planning their lives together but also that they met way after me and him began dating. their baby was made the first time they had sex come to find out.

he tells me hes sorry he cheated on me and that he made a mistake and that she is just his baby mamma but if that is so why do they have family pictures up at his parents house and why is she claiming they are getting married. he used to stay at my place 5 days out of the week and i assume he was with her the other 2. she knows about me and doesnt care.

i told him i cant do it anymore and havent spoken to him in about a week.  but i cant help but feel like the other woman and this is not fair.i feel like i was here first but because they had a baby together she gets more rights to him. im having a hard time with this because he took my virginity and was my first love and i feel like it was all a lie.
hurtslikeab hurtslikeab
May 24, 2012