Yes He's My Bf

I've been staying home due to I'll health and no vehicle. I'm feeling better and vehicle is now running.
My man was out for his sons 21st birthday and is going away for rest of weekend. Friday is usually date night with his girlfriend of 15 yrs so I'm assuming he blew both of us off.
Anyway, I got dressed up, even put make up on and went out to the stripe club (only place to go that its ok to be the other woman). I watched the olpmpic trails, talked to friends and drank soda.
I was hit on twice. One guy knew me the other didn't. When both asked me if I had a boyfriend I said yes. The guy who knows me asked if Robert was my boyfriend.
I said yes. I don't care if his public gf hears about it. He will have to know that he's lucky to have me and others are interested.
Badina Badina
46-50, F
2 Responses Jun 23, 2012

Right now I have other issues to deal with and I can't imagine dating. I'm going to get out more, practice talking to guys. Personaly, I think my growing confidence will shine through. The world has no clue the trouble it is in when my health is better. <br />
My divorce is final, so I'm thinking I might not want any man for awhile. <br />
Robert is great to me, as a roommate he's the cleaner one, when I'm in pain he knows how to distract my thoughts, and loves me as I was and am. I'm going to enjoy what I have while I have it. I realize that once I give the ultimatum, it's over. But I will be stronger and more determined then ever. <br />
Thanks for the response and advice.

Don't wait around for him! Date other men! If he doesn't like it he will do something about it now won't he?!