Im His Other Woman. And It's Sad!! :(

It is sad being the other woman, of course i know, since i am one! And i don't know anything about his live-in partner. (Yeah right! They are not yet married) Good thing i found the girl on facebook with their pictures on it! so I am saying, that i am stalking his partner. I didnt mean to stalk the girl, i just wanted to get some infos about her so I can't say to myself that im really that foolish person!! I got lots of infos about them and im really jealous. Im 14 years younger than this guy. and her partner was the same age as him. the Guy always tell me that he's really happy being with me and loves me so much. do i really have to believe him? (since i feel that it was true) and you think i can win the guy from the girl whom he used to lived with for 13 years? :( and we only have 10 months.
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But is there a possibility that I can be with him? :( or just let things flow its own way? I cant imagine myself without him. Is it really stability wins? Can have it with him too?

Youre young an exciting, but stability wins 99 percent of the time. Sorry to say it, but hes invested with her. They have too much to split clean. This will be a mess before it could be you two or you need to yell him youre going to date and he has the choice to be, mono WITH you or both have others.