Seeing Her

I knew his girlfriend of 15 years lived 2 miles away and I past it all the time but I didn't know the exact house. I've seen her walking the dog and stopped to talk to her. (she's actually a nice person. Yesterday I saw her on her porch. I waved.
I don't know why but it bothers me knowing where she lives and realizing how close it is. Perhaps it makes her more real. I'm starting to see her as a sister wife.
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When you know them, you now know your "competition" and that is what she is. It isn't something you think about, but something that is lurking below the surface. I would be so sad at times becuase I knew where he was and I felt I had no right to be upset because she had him first and that killed me. I never felt resentful towards his kids, they were great for him, but her? I knew very little about her because he wasn't going to let her into our relationship, but that kind of made it worse because I didn't know who I was compared to. One thing you know is if she should find out, you will lose more than a lover, but most likely a freind too. Decide what you want and then put a very large space between the two of them. Better to be a little sad now than devistated later.

I do know that he does his best to keep us apart. The one time she and I sat and talked he thought we were talking about him. We actually talked about our dogs. <br />
He says that we are a lot alike. I can see his concerns, as my physical issues get better, my mental outlook is changing. I'm not looking forward to the conflict but I know it's coming. No matter I will survive.