It's Time To Let Go!

I feel inspired.. inspired to uplift myself and break free from this dark cloud floating over my life. I may actually be ready to let go.

A few things have triggered these feelings.. One thing is all the support here and reading the stories on this site. It gave me hope for something better. Thank you all very much for that. If you've contributed to this site in any way, commenting, reading, sharing your stories, thank you.

Another thing is that I realized next week it will have been one year since we've had sex. I ask myself "Why am I holding on to him?" The only thing that wasn't a disappointment was the sex. He's been a bad friend to me, standing me up numerous times, misleading and lying to me. He hasn't been a father to my kids for the most part, abandoning them for 6 months.. unable to really spend time with them now because he has to be with his family. Why would I want to be with someone who treated me this way? Treat my daughters who I love so much this way? Why would I want someone who has disregarded my feelings this much? What's so great about him? He's focused on being a great husband and father but that's not what he's shown to my babies and me. He doesn't want that with us. So, I'm letting him go. Although it would be nice to have that fairytale life, with the husband and the wife, our two daughters and maybe one son, it’s not worth this.

I’m not mad at him for having his priorities straight. I’m getting myself together too.. Let him focus on what's important to him, his family first.. and our daughters (when he has time.) I'm going to focus on what's best for my daughters and me. I am done!
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2012

good for you!!! you go girl

Thats Great News am glad you took action and left him. You are strong! you can do it without him. Hes not worth your tears at all and well i wish you the best of luck ok. Take care god bless you and your daughters. :) hugg

RIGHT ON! You deserve better and so do your children! Be strong. You are young and will find the man that treats you like the princess you are!