I Was The Other Women Of A Guy Who Could Of Ben My Dad.

Hey girls well I have a different story to tell from the one I told you guys. When I was 15 years old I met this older guy who was 32. He was my first love, I loved him very much! BUT HE WAS Married…. His wife was little older than him and he had two kids one my age and the little girl was 5. He give me my first kiss and more… He seems to love me a lot. He always took the time to be with me every day, call me every day. I really loved him a lot. He would treat me like his princess my dream guy. We lasted 2 years very happy. But when we turned 2 years his wife found it, buy the way he didn’t even care. She actually got in my side and she got mad at him that he was dating someone that can be like his daughter and she told me that I did not know what I was doing, and that I was going to regret it later. And to be honest am 20 know and till this day I don’t regret anything I did with him. He left her and went to love in a separate room, and well I got happy because we were going to have a relationship with only 2 people. We were doing well until she calls me and told me that they had sex and more. I felt broken upset I thought things were going to change you know. So I end it up things and he did confess to me that they had sex, but because she threatened him that she was going to tell the cops what he did. But I don’t think that was a very good reason to cheat on me. I was going to marry him when I finished high school but not no more. I stopped seen him for a while and well I started dating someone else. He found it I was dating someone else well because we stayed as friend’s you know. Well at the time we were talking and he still loved me and me too, but I was still hurt so I did not leave the other guy. When he found it I was dating another guy he got so mad that he wanted to hurt me. He went crazy because he said he was in love. But to be honest I was already forgetting about him. I forgot about him when I met the other guy who I thought was single but he was married too  . So at the end my first love forgot about me and we stayed as really good friends. He still tells me that he wants to have sex and stuff, and also maybe we can go back. Do you think the relationship well work out?
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You've been through so much at a young age. Life has so many twists and turns that you will look back and smile. Stay strong and do what works for you

Thank you so much. I have ben through so much :( But i found a guy who really loves me. :)