I Enjoy Being The Other Woman...

I got to see my MM a lot this weekend, his wifey left town overnight Saturday night so we took a date tonight and he snuck me into his house (if you're wondering, back seat laying down to get into his garage and it was after dark). So I saw him most the day Friday (came over early, I worked on and off in between snuggles and *****), Saturday before he went to work, all night Saturday night, this morning on his break for a few hours, and this afternoon for drinks with MM and my husband.

Point being, I enjoy being his other woman because:
1 - We use our small amount of time very wisely
2 - If both us weren't married, one of us would have wanted a change and the relationship would no longer exist
3 - I can send him home when I'm tired of him and his cocky/quirky humor
4 - The three of us (MM, me, and my husband) can still enjoy drinks and/or dinner together

I adore him as a friend and sex toy, but sometimes I need down time too...
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I liked your post. So far i have recently got involved with a man. And because i love my alone time it works great to see the guy here and there. Hope it continues great for you and that u dont get hurt. im fully aware i probably will get hurt but im going to enjoy what i got til it ends. remember nothing lasts forever whether good or bad. =)

You are correct on all accounts, all things eventually come to an end and there is pain that comes with this type of relationship. I will fully admit some days are very hard, but no good relationship is easy in my opinion. For now, I'm going to continue enjoying the time I have and enjoy the present :) Private message me if you want to chat.

I am jealous of your relationship.
Can you add me?

I added you...But intrigue me...jealous?

And yes if you want to know, I still am the other woman for this person...and still enjoy it...

You have an open relationship with your husband. That takes self security and honest communication. I dont necessarily want the "open" part of a relationship but I do want my wife to be more self secure and honest with me. We dont have sex. I want to have sex. I have expressed it to her continuously. I question her desire for me. I question her feelings for me. She is angry alot. She gets mad about some of the dumbest things. She is clearly not happy. I have tried alot of different things but ulitmately, you control your own happiness. So, I question her honestly.
I am considering finding a friend with benefits situation. Partly (if Im being honest) to punish her and partly because the sex would undoubtedly be better.

So, yes, I am jealous of you.

Sorry to hear of your current "struggle". We have been married 12 years and have found through our open marriage that we share things a lot more with each other and have found an even stronger connection with each other. I hope you and your wife find what you're looking for and what makes each of you happy, but I don't think "punishment" will fix anything in the current situation.

Wish you the best ;)

hi please add me. I'd love to talk to you.

Yes my husband knows, hubby and I are in an open marriage. His wife does not know at this point, but yes I'm sure eventually she will find out. My MM has had other women before and while we have been together, and I'm sure he will after me as well.<br />
<br />
I may sound selfish I guess off this, but I can tell you I am very very giving of myself to those around me.

You are very selfish. Is it worth the risk? What about the pain it will cause when your husband or his wife find out? Eventually they will find out.

I understand you totally. I too have a H and MM sex machine. He has a way with me sexually that I can't and won't give up. But, we could never be married. I love being with him and the pleasures he brings me. But, sometimes the fact we live in spearate houses is a blessing.

dont get attached though. be careful