Secret Lover

What started out as a fun filled night, ended with us in the bed at my bestfriend's house. I knew he had a girlfriend, but she had did it to me many years ago, so maybe I was retaliating, but wasn't thinking about her that night, seriously. For months we would see each other, one night of passion, every other weekend, because he would get in trouble, because when he was with me, he didn't go home to her. We would see each other at parties and he would not speak when he was with her, but she knew that we would hang out because his adopted sister was my bestfriend, and she would heard that he was with us sometimes because the three of us would go to parties together. Well, one night he saw me at a party, and I was dancing on another guy, he must of gotten jealous because when I went outside to smoke he left her and followed me, and tried to kiss me and since I could see over his shoulder and saw her coming, I stopped him, but not before she spotted what he was trying to do. Later that week my bestfriend, his adopted sister, had me take her to their home, and the girlfriend was complaining about him being up in my face at the party we all attended, and he left with me and his sister, but because she threatened to call the police on him if he didn't come back, he returned. I have never been the other woman, knowingly, but I have decided to cut off our relationship because I'm not used to being second to anyone, and I feel like he chooses to stay in a relationship that he tells me he don't wanna be in, but because she threatens to call the police or his probation officer if he leaves, he stays. I really like him, but I have that conscious feeling that even if we were to end up a couple, the same way I got him, the next girl may get him too. Confused about my secret lover.
wildflower0724 wildflower0724
41-45, F
Sep 6, 2012