My Heart Was Stolen Out My Chest!!!

For the first time I became TOW. Not willingly but I feel through decite. I met a man who I was instantly attracted too and had chemistry from the begining. From our conversations I can tell he loves his kids which was a turn on for me BUT he does live with the mother of his children. Once I found out he made it seem as if it was temporary and he was helping her out. I knew that that was a lie but I ignored it because I had already fell in love. When we are together it's the best!!!! I feel complete and empty at the same time. I call myself trying to break up with him but it is easier said than done. I love him but I also have resentment againest him because I want to know why he put me in this perdicament. If I would have known in the begining I would have saved my self the heartache. Being TOW is lonely!!! I stay praying that one day he will see how much I love him and take that risk of leaving and being with me BUT right now that's far fetch.
LoveKim LoveKim
26-30, F
Sep 11, 2012