Out Of Character.

I met this guy about a year ago and the flirting started instantly. At first it was just a cheeky comment here and there. He's 10 years my senior, gorgeous and also in a 3 years long term relationship with his girlfriend. About one month ago I decided to test just how into me he was. After furiously flirting for a week I got drunk and suggested that him and I hook up (though my drunk brain put it much more crudely than that!). He immediately got scared and went on and on about how he could never cheat on his lady, and how he was loyal yada yada. He then follows this up by saying we would be amazing together.

I put this out of my mind and continue in my own relationship, a 5 month casual thing with a girl I met. Since the offer I made him he has repeatedly called me and been all secretive when his girlfriend is around. The peak moment came, when after not getting the response he wanted after describing exactly what he would do to me on the phone, he sexted me and encouraged me to respond.

Regrettably I did and I loved every moment of it. I feel incredibly guilty but know that one night of fantastic sex is all I need to get him out of my system. However not only is he cheating on his girlfriend, I'm also cheating on mine.

It's completely out of character for me but I can't seem to say no and though I tell him to stop I get butterflies every time he phones me or a text comes on my phone. I don't know what to do?
jdksbfd jdksbfd
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012