This Is War

I am thinking sober about this sick thing going on between us,
You think because I am young I can't see straight through you,
That I must be dumb and blind to your BS,
That you can easily catch me and cheat me...

I have news for you old man,
I am a special girl,
Not your average doll,
I have packets full of life experience in my lungs...

It is not the age but the miles between the years,
Don't think I am stupid...
I know what is going on...
And I also know whatever you are planning for us will never work...

You will only hurt me,
And we will end up resenting each other,
Because I can't really love you,
I don't want to love you...

You are just a fling,
You were just a flirt to me,
Like you treated all those other girls before,
Stick you with your own game baby!

This is f..u..cking war...
I know you are no good for me
And I know I only live to hate you
Because my heart truly belongs to another and it can never be yours!!!

So much for love and light
Me feeling sorry for such a poor old man
Losing a friend each day
Sympathizing with you couldn't bear to see death crush your smile so I wanted to make you smile again, only for a little while until you feel better and stop crying...

You told me you are not one to sit and cry, Not one easily tackled by depression,
That you take the good out of everything, And wish to live everyday as if it's your last day...
That you move forward, and apparently that includes me... As you said that when you die at 85 you want to blow out your last breath knowing you lived a full life, and bedding me is part of that life plan: "one of the things I want to do before I die" on your bucket list...

But I see that you are just a very sad and lonely man with a bunch of fake friends not giving you the love you need,
A love sick puppy...
If you really want me that bad...
Yet I know this will never work, it is unrealistic.

Yeah when you called me your wife
And told me the day you ask my father for my hand you would tell me him to off that was all just a lie too!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012