Your Wife And I: We Are In The Same Boat

Oh I bet ya you thought I would view your wife as competition I just wanted to get out of the way,
Yeah you would have gotten your rocks off on that wouldn't ya?!!

But what you didn't know is that your wife and I, we are practically in the same boat when it comes to you
You probably thought I would HATE and despise her just like you
For being the woman in your life and not it being me there by your stinking rotting side rubbing off on her...
But what you didn't know was that your wife and I we loved each other to Death....

She took me under her wing
And warned me about the scum bag you are physically restraining me from doing something I would regret
She treated me like the daughter she never had, the lover she would never have in this life because I gave her some love and attention, I actually made her feel good about herself something you never did feel bothering with... Yes I made her feel WORTH IT, I made her feel special, I saw her special Light something you refused to see a long time ago...

I bet ya when you dragged me to your house and into your life
You thought and hoped she would be jealous of me and HATE me with a vengeance too
As you get off on the cat fights between the two of us vying for your attention...
But you are just such a stupid man, such a fool... Don't you know there is a connection between two women in love no man could ever break?!!!!

Your wife and I, we are in the same boat when it comes to you
We know you could never love a woman...
You only live to hurt any woman you ever got involved with..
You don't trust women and treat them like objects..

... do you want to blame it on your mommy for not being good enough for your daddy that drove him to cheating
or on your first wife that cheated on you because maybe she got a reality check early on seeing you are just not worth all her pining and love always being so far away,
not really caring to come back for her, or to leave your job and be a real family man.. think it is all the evil women's fault, that they deserve to be punished by guys like you don't ya?

I can't be with a man who would always distrust me,
Who can't love a woman...
Your wife knows and she did me a favour
Letting me in: don't fall for his lies, don't give him a chance at real love, because he doesn't have a clue what love is really all about!!!
Who can't love a woman...

This is how she gets payback for all the years of putting up with your cheating, scamming and lying scum bag arse
And this is how she ends up saving her daughter!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
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