No To Do It!

I didn't expect to forget about a ten year relationship very fast, but I guess it all depends on how you fill your time. Here is my advice to anyone using the no contact rule:

1. Whatever you do make sure you have your time filled with a variety of things.

2. Do not turn down ANY invitations to do anything. You might meet someone that sweeps you off your feet! It happened when you met your MM!

3. Spend time with people who care about you.

4. Do things you never had the time to do when you were with your MM.

5. Don't waste your time wishing you could change things.

6. Don't wonder or worry about where he or she is. It doesn't do you any good!

7. Try something new.

8. Keep healing

9. Just be you.

10. Be positive there is someone who is single just waiting to meet you!

Sometimes there is someone just waiting to meet you. Everything happens for a reason! It's usually a good thing not a bad thing. Sometimes we just can't see it at the time! Keep smiling and someone will smile back at you!

Time heals all, but it's up to you how fast!

Know that you deserve so much more than being the other woman!
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What does MM mean,pls?

Married man

My husband of almost 4 yrs left twins that are two yrs old and me being pregnant of 2 months at the time. I knew this homewrecker she was his friends girl at the time, not to mention all his other friends that had her too. He was a good dad to the twins when he eas at home the newborn he can careless I found out that he drinks heavily and the homewrecker and also do cocaine and she sells it. Im picking up the all the responsability.all alone its hard.the saddest thing about this is ive heard on many occasions she dont want him to be a part in his kids life he dont call the kids not even to ask how they are. Why would he let a ***** control him.i dont know maybe cuz she supports him now. He was always a hard worker no more of that he lives off her. how do you abandon a good descent woman and only kids for a woman thats a druggie and slept with all your boys and they still hang out together like all high. Please hive me do advice im heartbroken.

My thats alot to handle. The problem is more than likely the alcohol and the possibility that he's doing other drugs. I am so sorry that this has happened to you and your children. Do you belong to a church or any other organizations that can help you get on your feet?

Great Advice!

Thank you!

Thank you for your encouraging post.
Knowing YOU can do it, gives me hope, that one of these days, I will take a decision and never look back

This is so true.. very well written. apart from engaging myself into cleaning the house, i am making best use of my sewing machine which was lying idle for months..
every time i miss him, i try to think of his negative points and how he could never be the ONE even if he was available.... though i give in sometimes and end up msging him.... i've learnt to avoid him... :)

Eventually you will get there. Stay busy and meet new people. Keep your options open.

If you keep running back to the person you should be running away from; how can you free up space for someone new and someone better! Wonderful advice TT!

Thank you umatilla! Hope things are better for you now. ; )

Thanks. Things are so much better not having this man in my life anymore. He, of course, pursued and is now dating a friend of mine who is also a friend of his wife (and he began showing interest and picking up on her while we were still together)!! is way too much drama and emotionally unhealthy for me. He still calls and texts me, but I have yet to reply and respond so I am confident he will eventually give up and stop. It is so liberating to no longer be in an unhealthy relationship!

Right on! I am so happy for you!