What Would You Do?

Please any advice is helpful...I been seeing a Taurus man for 15mths and just found out he has a gf of 4 yrs WHAT???? no I had no clue I found out by accident...hint hint via snooping but anyway.. Im just wondering why is he still w/ me (is it b/c of the sex that he loves so much from me, is it b/c Im a squirter, is it b/c he using me) and I thought all Taurus men are faithful to the woman that they love? I like him a lot (not love) but it makes me wonder go plutonic w/ him or just not worry about it b/c that is not my relationship. I cant help what makes him cheat on her and with me? I think he is exploring ending that relationship (w/o telling me his thoughts) and starting one w/ me (Im not sure I want that) I know this b/c of his comments sometimes ie. Do you love me? is what he ask every now and again. But I remember him saying on a couple of occasions-I love u but Im not in love w/ u-
I do feel bad for the gf b/c I am a woman first. Do u think he views me as settling b/c I suspect the relationship? I do know he thinks I am prettier than she is, body types are the simular but different.
Men what would u do, how would u decide what to do? I at times clearly see him being confussed and we do talk alot about life in general. I just provide that ear..

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1 Response Nov 6, 2012

OK Blue, here is my opinion.... if you are happy in the situation.. if he is providing something you need then do what you feel is best for you. If you can get over the fact that he has a GF... if you dont want to be his one and only or can live with not being, then continue to enjoy as long as you want. Sounds to me like the physical release is pretty good for you both and you both enjoy the other's company. I love the times when it is just me and my man talking and sharing our days and what is going on in our lives... we spend much more time talking than having sex, and the bond that provides is strong. I am not going to tell you what you should do because that is something you will have to figure out on your own. All I can say is the closeness you feel to him is probly very hard to find and are you willing to give it up just because there is someone else in his life? Would you be happier without him in yours? If the answer to those is yes... by all means get out... if the answer is no... then maybe you should just see where this ride takes you.

Hope that helped a little... feel free to message me if you need an ear :-)

I'll keep that in mind...Thanks