If It's Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right

I'm currently having sex with my boss who is 19 years older than me. He has a kid that is 1 and a fiancé. We've been having sex four a couple months and agreed that it would be casual.

And it was just casual at first but just recently we confessed that we had feelings for each other and he told me he loved me...

after he said it we talked about personal things that we never talked about before. we held hands and just talked.

He confirmed what i already knew, that he loved his fiancé but he wasn't in love with her. & that he is scared to fall in love, & he doesn't know if he can do that with me either... I feel the same

I do feel however that he is falling for me and I for him & maybe we'll never know. Because it's such a tough position .I'd never ask him to leave his child or fiancé so maybe we'll never be together but i'm okay with that.

But after we talked for two hours I, as in me, myself, took his shirt off and we made love for the first time.

I feel bad for being a "home wrecker" but I can not help how I feel for this man.

I knew what i was getting into from the beginning, so it's my own fault. I'll just enjoy my time with him while I can.

I know i'm young and maybe i'm being stupid but I'm falling in love with this man and I don't want to stop.

I'm not sure how this is going to end but i'm still writing my love story....

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i love your story and i would love to read your comments on my pics...

So is the fiancee the mother of his child? I would guess so because the kid is so young but I want to make sure. It makes a difference.

Very rarely do these types of relationships ever work out for the best. Good luck.

I agree with Smiley in that love finds you and you have no control over it. You just go with it and see where it takes you. It may be to a road of heartache, it may be to a life of happiness, but you can't dismiss someone because the situation isn't perfect... when is it ever? Good luck with whatever you choose!

When you are young you make a lot of decisions that affect you later in life. Theres a lesson learned but prices to pay. i think you need to wake up. You sound like a great girl and beautiful too. But you should know that the story of whole i love her but am not in love with her and I am scared to fall in love is old and its been abused by cheaters forever. Hes keeping u hopeful by saying that he doesnt love her yet he says hes scared to fall in love with you just so that you know he is not your man. I think every girl deserves a man who is not a coward enough not to fall in love. who does that any way? love just finds you and you have no power over it. there have been famous powerful married men with lots to lose who have fallen in love and risked it all. Bottom line love aint scared. Lose him. you can be happier with a man who falls in love with you over and over again and you dont have to share, no excuses, no apologies no broken homes.