But Its Not Love!!

it all seems a little complicated lol, cos i know both him and his wife, and both have told me that they are only together for the sake of the kids, but she doesnt know that i sometimes meet up with him for sex, and thats all it is, sex!! to be honest with you, i dont understand why she doesnt love him anymore, cos if she loved him at one point in time, and he is sensational between the sheets, then whats not to like?? lol, but then i guess thats just my take on things!!
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If he loves you...he would leave...he isnt going to lose his kids if he leaves his wife!!!! again..stupid!!!!!!!

Enjoy yourself, let their problems remain just that.

What a friend! SKANKERZ!

I don't know ..i was married for over 20 yrs and never cheated ...he was a great guy ...and i am honored to say i was his wife

... is he dead?

... bear


it takes two to make something work,
and two to break it.



... they don't f...u...ck because they have extreme emotional resentment issues going on between them...

... they don't touch nor kiss, because the negative emotional air between them keeps them apart...........

... they can't seem to forgive each other nor work through their emotional problems or barriers keeping them apart mentally and physically...

... in short they are both messed up... why do you want to be with a man that don't want to sort things out with his wife?

you are cool, i couldn't do meaningless sex.

... meaningless sex, is like this married couple, just living as roommates, there is no real love going on... so I don't see why the wife can be jealous of the mistress if she does NOT even really love her husband...... what the heck...

How do you really know whats going on there? You dont! Dont make up excuses for ypur sleazy behavior!

good for you. enjoy

i would continue to enjoy it =)

maybe she is seeing someone else! i slept with my brothers fiance once but i knew he was ending his relationship with her.

are you good friends with his wife?

... I thought we were, until I realized she can't see the problem is with her and NOT with me....... if she does not really love her husband and their marriage is a sham, why is she jealous of me, and why does she treat the mistress like craaap?....... maybe because she is AFRAID or jealous that ME AND HIM could have the real thing HE never wanted with her?

...@hawk THE woman is emotionally and sexually DEAD, no wonder her husband seeks other women to satisfy him.... she don't like to play and I don't even think she likes sex.

... it is all about her, she seems to make everything about herself and her sadness... she is NOT jealous of me wanting to be with her husband, because she DOES NOT even want to be with her own husband... she is just JEALOUS that she MISSED OUT ON THE REAL DEAL in her life choosing to be with the wrong men, and that I still might have a chance..............

Is he the reason you go by Mistress on this site?