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I need some help,
well id been talking to this guy online for a year or so (on an online game) so we started as friends we went that close i knew he had a girlfriend and a kid but he never said much until one day we were talking and we were both curious or how the other one looked so we emailed each other a pic, then after that he started to flirt and told me he had a crush on me and that his wife beat him and he wasn't happy. I don't know how it happen but after a while i started to feel sorry for him and i needed the attention my boyfriend at the time ignored me and just never seemed interested so i gave him the attention back, this went on for weeks i didn't love him i thought he just need some attention too but we still told each other how much we loved each other and how he was planning to leave his wife, i never believed he was planning to leave, but i fell for him anyway idiotic thing to do but it happen then one day we decided to cam and it started out just talking and he was telling me how he hated his girlfriend and he was leaving her, we kinda ended up being interment on cam when that was over we said goodnight and went to bed. over the next week i didn't hear from him until he came online and told me that the whole time we were caming his girlfriend was on the couch 'Sleeping' and when we got off she ran away crying she had herd the whole thing we stopped talking after that then a few months later i got an email from him and i was curious on what happen he told they broke up and she was dating some rebound ******* guy and they still lived together but she hated him. It wasn't my attention to keep whatever we had going but i felt bad and my boyfriend and i broke up so i told myself this time it was different so we have been emailing and talking ever since but he is always talking about how much his life is ruined because of what we did and how his wrecked his little girls life and making me feel guilty more guilty then I've ever felt in my life, i tried to leave him a few times but he has guilt tripped me into staying and has told me he would kill his self if i leave so i stay, but he also makes me feel amazing and loved just the way every girl wants to feel and i am not sure if i love him or not now he wants to move here to the other side of the world and give up whatever he has left of a life but there is no way id ever let him leave his daughter behind its wrong to give that up so i say no then he wants me to move over there but i am scared that after a few weeks maybe months it wont work out he might leave me to be with the mother of his child and ill be homeless with nowhere to go
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This is a mans perspective, my opinion. I am in a relationship where my wife doesn't pay a lot of attention to me and I have played online with other women. I would never move to be closer to them or let one move in. There is more to the mix than chatting via email or text messages. Online personalities differ greatly from real life it seems.My advice is to go to your BF and tell him you feel something is missing and convey your needs and wishes to him. Remember, we aren't mind readers. Good luck.