We Get A Kick Out Of It!?

So basically, I told my dad a few days ago that for the past 2 months me and his bestfriend have gotten a little....serious and of course he didn't like that. He's even considering not being friends with him because of my involvment with him and i feel so terrible because i really don't want what i did to affect the friendship...but we can't stop it!! I mean the day after I told my dad, i asked my guy to call me and i said what needed to be said that maybe it's a good idea for the sake of my dad and the family (his family and my family go waay back) not to see each other so much and call off our sort of relationship. During the SAME call we start flirting and having kinda phone sex as if nothing happened! I'm his bestfriends daughter and he's my dads bestfriend and we both get a real kick just out of that knowledge!

My dad has already asked me not to encourage him and not to allow our feelings to develop into anything more....but with me missing him so much and us getting a kick out of our connection with each other and the fact that he genuinley likes me......is it ok to carry on in secret? What do you guys think?

PS: For those of you that need background knowledge you're welcome to read my previous stories about this situation! :)
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4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

This side of you is VERY fun!!!

oh yeah? ;)

wont end well. i ****** one of my friends daughter (28). one of my friends told her father. we dont speak .

Haha we are finished anyway :). My dad decided to stop being friends with him after i came clean. It was sad for me at the time but after a few weeks I came to the idea that it was really for the best.

I think it will end badly. I think your dad will eventually stop being friends with him.

No good will come from seeing this man and the risk of seriously damaging his family is very high.

Lucky for me he hasn't got any kids that tie him down to his wife...so he has no family as such...if he did i wouldn't even be in this mess! Lol