No Mas....

Hey EP friends!

Alot has happened since i last spoke back during the summer! FIRST & FOREMOST.....I am no longer the OTHER WOMAN!.

As of 11/28/2012....I put on my big girl panties and ENDED not one, but two very negative realtionships with 2 different married men.

I thought it was only fair to do it while the iron was HOT, and so I did!

A full moon on Nov. 29th led to my actions of breaking off and ending these two difficult relationships. Neither of them were positive, good or HEALTHY for me.

And so as I struggled with the act of killing the crazy love, it became clear to me that I had to do whether i wanted to or not. IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

And so with one stone, I killed the first vulture that had been chasing me since last year, off and on, leaving me miserable, unhappy, sad and with not enough.

With the same stone, I killed the second vulture who told me "it is what it is baby!". We had a very difficult time from April through to August leaving me confused, vulnerable, unhappy, and miserable with myself. Miserable because I should know better.

He came back, just as I knew he would after he kicked me to the curb all of August, September, October, November and now its going on December.


On 11/29...I let go of the negative, destructive hurt and pain of both of these bad relationships.

And on 12/3/ DIVORCE became official too. So in reality, not only did I kill two birds with one stone, I also got in a 3rd vulture who had been swarming my life for over 16 years with his BS!

And brings me great pleasure to say to you....that I am no longer the other woman.

I am a free woman, free!
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5 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Free at last! Free at last! Congratulations! Please stay strong! Best wishes to you.

How did you ever get the strength..
I look forward to that day

after two years of worries and pondering. I bought a puppy and the ex grabbed the food from his bowl, my puppy growl. I knew that was a sign, time for me to MOVE ON! I did!!

Hold your head high!! Good for you.


Enjoy your happiness!!!

I am two years peace!