Anyone Have A Kid By Mm ??

My son is 2... In a affair for 6 years.. Wife knows and she thinks he just pays child support but doesn't see us..... He stays here like 2 days a week , says he can't divorce right now because of his children ...., I can't keep living this way..... Any adviceb???
Lovelogan Lovelogan
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

You so deserve better. I'm sure you are a wonderful, lovely, woman and you have to look at yourself and ask why you don't believe that. The second you realize it, you will dump him like a hot rock. I understand the emotions that you have tied up, especially with a child, but all the more reason to see how selfish he is. I was "the other woman" for 3 years (he was lying and saying he was going through a divorce). I believe that any married man that has an ongoing affair is selfish and weak. The two victims here are you AND his wife. What you need to know is that you are making a choice to live your life this way. The reality set in for me when I asked myself, "what am I holding out for? Would I even trust him if he were to leave her and want a relationship? Am I really THAT happy?" The reality was, I WASN't happy at all...all the stress of wanting him to leave was MISERABLE. It is tough to finally cut the cord but you will be so much happier when you make that decision and realize it is his WEAKNESS that will always keep him in his current situation. It is you that has the ultimate power to stay or go...

There are men out there that will love you and respect just have to resect yourself enough to know that he is no good for you and that you deserve the best.

I hope this helps. The road to recovery is not always easy but man, is it worth it!

Best of luck in your journey,