He Cheated And Now She Pregnant

I found out he cheated when she showed up to our house saying she pregnant he finally admits it could be his after seven years how could he and I've cried because i haven't been able to concive yet and the fact that he cheated he says he loves me and wants to be with only debut what do i do plz any advice
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In sorry if in interrupting your guys forman i thought id had the right sight my apologies

Thank you all for your advice i found out he is married to her we have just been together for seven years but i didn't know he ran off and married her while with me how could i be so blind

He's married to her and you are the OW. You are not blinf your are in love. BUt you need to leave him. Becuase you will be the next to be cheated on. GUys like him never change. You are young and you will find someone to cherish you for you. Where you will get more than just casual sex when he isn't with his wife.

first, ***** how you feel, are you upset he cheated, or that shes knocked up? think long and hard under what circumstances you can forgive him and under what you cant. a seven year marriage is not something to throw away lightly. then sit his *** down and get your answers.

to complicate matters you need to know what this other womans intentions are. then deal with, can you raise someone elses baby, does she not want it, does she want nothing to do with you or your husband.

this is going to suck and hurt and i am so sorry that you have to face this

You're lucky... RUN do not go back to him. Many confusions will come later on because of the new born. Start over....

no **** its gonna be confusing. but just because hes a lying cheating *** doesnt mean their relationship is worthless. this is crap advice.

Ur a real dancing pigtail. Y the hell should she take care of someone else's immature act. Taking care of someone else's baby. Come on.

she asked for advice and i can only attest to what i would do