I shared a story about our affair and how it was over. But that didn't happen. We feel even harder in love and clung more and more to each other. But his wife found out we were still caring on. He came to me and he told me he wanted to give his marriage and fair try and be honest with his wife. So now we are over again. It was the weirdest breakup. We spend an hour confessing our love and how we would never ever stop loving each other even when we were no longer in each others life. I feel nothing. No tears, no knife in the belly, so loss. Just nothing.

Now I honestly don't believe there marriage will succeed. They have too many problems and he doesn't love her. Should I support him and be a friend. Or should I go cold turkey and walk away from all this forever? if I can :(
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Whole heartedly agree you should go cold-turkey. If you are still a friend you are still there & he gets the best of both worlds still. I am in same situation- it isnt easy but the sooner you see how he really feels the better.

Thank you all for your response. I don't know what I am doing. But I am trying to stay away. I do appreciate your support. I have no one to talk to about this..... so it feels nice to have people understand what I am going through.

He is giving you an out that you should take and walk away. If His marriage doesn't work out w/o your involvement then that may give the two of you a shot at a normal relationship some day if the love is real. I am doing the cold turkey thing right now and hoping and praying he leaves me alone because as happy as I am when we were together I am doubly miserable when we are apart, when he isn't there for me like he promises he will be or worse when he's with his family and I am left alone. It's not right or fair for you to suffer, you deserve to be with someone that can be proud to be with you, parade you around town and shower you with hugs and kisses in public and give you all of the time and love you would ever want in life.

It depends on what you really want. On the one hand you could attempt to be a supportive friend but that will most likely tempt him to be with you again. Or you could go cold turkey and leave yourself unattached for a future monogamous relationship with someone else unattached and who knows, maybe he will be unattached in the future. So, either you want the possibility of still being with a married man or you want a monogamous relationship...

cold turkey. Like you felt nothing. You don't need to stay there and be his emotional support...he should try to rely on his wife for that. If their marriage is already a mess, it certainly won't work with a third party involved.... Good luck.

Go and check out the stories of craz1969, I'm sure it will shed some light for you. Good luck.

yes, agree. Go cold turkey.