It Hasn't Happened Yet; But, I Want It To...

A few months ago my husband began cheating on me. I found out and began considering cheating back -- as a revenge sort of thing. The person who I considered cheating with is also married and his wife also cheated on him... Though as far as we know she only kissed another man, while my husband actually had sex with another woman several times before I found out. Me and my husband have since seperated. My potential MM is still with his wife. I kind of want something meaningful, it dosent have to last or become a relationship but I thought maybe he and I could romantically lean on eachother and perhaps help eachother heal our broken self-esteem. We met last week and we went as far as gentle caressing but he stopped and said he couldn't do it and he is sorry... Do you think he will change his mind and want to try it again? Do you think I should just wait and hope he gets a divorce and then go for him? Or should I just expect that because he stopped himself that he considers it a mistake and will most likely never try again?
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Find someone available........otherwise it gets too messy . You shouldn't be trying to compete with another mans current partner. It will only end in tears, and there will be more baggage than both of you can carry.

in my personal opinion id see it as a sign, if he didn't want to do it the first time...then why would he try again. if he does say yes it will only be because his wife has made him angry and wants to get her wait for him to get a divorce. that's if he is most definitely your Mr.Right. if he is not then don't waste your time and look for another man. if he liked you that much he would show you a sign, but hes not. he still obviously loves his wife, otherwise he would've carried out with it and done it. i know i'm only 16......but i hoped my advice helped u in someway. :)