Should I Stop Myself From The Opportunity Presented?

Well I told myself I would never be the other women due to coming from a broken home myself. I developed a small crush on"Joe" who worked with my mom when I was a teenager. I would come in to visit her and inocent flirting would be exchanged. About 4 months ago I began working at the same place which "joe" still worked at. Being eight years older and now working with him the flirting increased and was at a differnet level. Of course i'd hope he was interested but I told myself I would never allow myself to throw myself at him. One drunken night I sent him a facebook message jokenly giving him my number. Once I remembered what I had did I felt stupid and hoped he wouldnt respond. About two weeks after sending him that message(and no longer seeing him everyday because he transfered to a new job which my mother offered him) he texted me. I'm not going to lie my intial recation was to be excited and gitty. The first time we talked was harmless, talked about his new job and joked around. The second on the other hand turned into a full blown sexual conversation on his part. I played along for a bit until I realized not only what this would do to his family but what emotional state this would put me in. Its more than a sexual attraction to "Joe" hes the type of person i've seen myself with long term. Nothing physical has happened yet, and I am sitting debating on if this is something I want to do. Sexually, yes. Emotionally, no. Getting advice from both my mom (who was the other woman and left my dad and I) close friends.... I still am unable to decide how to handle this. I go inbetween for the hope he would leave his wife and the reality that its never going to happen. I need some brutal/ hopeful advice from anyone who has experienced being the other woman.
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

The emotional turmoil you will have to deal with just isn't worth it! I am married to my MM now, but it was a road I would never travel again. No man is worth all the pain and heartache you will feel if you do.