Letting Go.

Its been 7 months since i met my MM, in that time we have shared the most precious of times together, we never slept together in that time, but kissed cuddled and obviously did some messing around.

No matter how much i loved him and i still do.. i was never going to get the man, he chose to stay true to his wife and children, more so the children i believe.

Today was the day i had to let go of any hope i had of a more permanent relationship with him, we met to discuss what had been happening between us and he was so kind saying he didnt want me to get hurt etc and i thanked him for his honesty. But i said if we were to end we would have to go our separate ways no calls or texts. Sure i will still have to see him because we have mutual friends none of which either of us want to lose.

Did i want to lose him, totally not... i had to do what was right for him and me, but i know this is going to be hard because i feel like ive thrown away my soul mate because that's what we were we met too late... and for that im truly sad. Would i change what happened between us, no because for that short while he made me feel better than anyone ive ever been with in my life. And i think for him ive made him happy briefly too.

Can we stay friends, id like to hope so, but i think it may be impossible. Maybe if fate brought us together for a reason, somewhere we may end up together but not in this life.

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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I should be honest and say that it didnt work the letting go part on either of our behalves, its now nearly 10 months, still our relationship has stayed the same. I dont know how this will end but we are both happy.

So you didn't heed my PS, missmunchkin! It is easy to get sucked right back in, regardless of our best intentions. He's married...right? He's taken....meaning, unavailable. Are you missing opportunities to find men who would be truly right for you because you're spending your time hoping, wishing and praying for a married man to do something he clearly isn't willing to do? Just asking........ There are guys out there looking for a woman to love and they're available to give you all of themselves. You deserve all of a man....the best of him. Why settle for less?

Rarely a husband will leave his wife for the other chick, glad you decided to let go think about how you would feel if it was done to you

Sorry for your pain. Although it may not feel like it now, you did the right thing. If children are involved, they need their dad. Also, a relationship that begins with an affair does not have the positive energy a good relationship needs to flourish. Good luck to all of you.

PS - be cautious about getting sucked back in. It's so easy to go right back there.