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Well here it goes i would want some advice or let me know what yall think.I met,my babydaddy in high school we been going on and off we have 4 children together. now we have a year and 4 months separated he continued with his life so i did.i really love him but he is in a relationship with a youngster shes pregnant by him nd im,sorry but i,hate the fact that she is..and yes we still see each other we talk about a lot about our past,present nd future.i stayed with him on the weekend at his parents house were he stays with her but she was at her parents over the weekend.
I felt so good being with him,cuz he,told me he wants to be with me but he don't have faith in me i admit i messed up alot of times.. I regret it but i,really want to be with him but i will hate the fact that if we get together i wont want to,have to deal with baby mama drama..But his being sincere to me that him and her are two totally different people his in that age were he just,want to settle down already and she in that stage were as soon as,she have the baby when she ready,shes going to,want to go out enjoy her teenage life u knw so basically he jst wants her to mess up the relationship..Can yall give me advice because really i dont knw what to,do...
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OK I am trying to get the gist of your post. You are 22 years old and you have 4 children by a man who still lives with his parents????? The father of your children is living with a girl younger than himself at his parents house and she is pregnant. That's five children without a full time Dad. he left for a while and is blaming YOU for messing up as you say? He is using you her and God only knows who else. He has his cake,her, and he's eating it too YOU. If you want to EVER have a relationship with that man( I'm not sure why you'd want to) you need to start being ALOT tougher and shut down the bakery. Because he's a player and is out to sleep with as many women as he can. There are probabaly more babies because none of you seem to have the sense to use protection or be responsible enough to prevent preganancies. . Please get shecked for STD's because I'm inclined to think you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg and there's alot more hidden with this man.