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Was anyone here with an mm who truly was with the wrong person and ended up with his other woman? How did it happen? Did it take a long time?
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I was the OW for 5 months before the love of my life left his unhappy marriage. Its been an awesome relationship... we've been together a total of 7 months... after dating him for about 3 months he told me one day that he wanted to end his marriage... i was surprised because we never talked about anything to that degree... i knew he was unhappy but as they say.... the MM never leave the wife for the mistress... so i really didnt feed into him saying he was going to leave his wife... but he followed through and we are together and planning a future with one another ........ it happens.... and it can work.... he was with the wrong person and it just didnt work out... i knew a month into dating him that he was my husband..... the circumstances may have been all wrong... but ... we belong together... i knew we wanted the same thing when he introduced me to all of his family and his few really good friends... but i knew he was serious about leaving when after 4 months of dating.... he wanted me to meet his mom... i got her approval and now its he and i ... loving one another without any restrictions... :)

Yes - I was the OW for only 6 months before he left his family for me. We have made it work and we are desperately in love. It can work..

I agree, it can work. I am living proof. My 1st husband left his unhappy 1st marriage to be with me. It lasted 15 years. Tread lightly, and don't seek to hurt people in the process, if it is truly meant to be, in time it will fall into place. Sincere commitment + deep love = a fighting chance . .

Tread lightly, and don't seek to hurt people in the process, if it is truly meant to be, in time it will fall into place. Sincere commitment + deep love = a fighting chance . .

i love what u said,katt! can i post this in my facebook wall? with KattG on the end part?

I would prefer that you don't share my words on such an open forum, as I am known as KattG on FB as well. There are moments when I also feel that time erodes what does exist, especially when we are talking YEARS.

Katt,what do you mean?i feel discourage.pls dont say so..i dont want to let go and just let the time erodes what we have.

Re: fb,ok copy.

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I was the OW for over 8 years. We are married now, but it was such an emotional roller coaster ride. We hurt many people in the process and I don't think I could do it again. Trust is an obvious issue too.

It typically takes years, especially with kids or financial issues. Even if there is a legitimate display of consistent activity on his part to sever his marriage to start a new life with you, be prepared for a big dose of doubts, being neglected, and waiting. If you think you can handle all that & more, welcome to the roller coaster that is "hoping and waiting for your time to arrive". Trust me, I have lived it. Not complaining, it's a conscious choice. Good luck.

im with u, katt!

I'm the MM, My first wife cheated on her husband with me. 11 Years later totaly misrable for all of it I cheated on her with another woman and ended up with her. 15 years later still completly misrable. The problem with cheating and ending up with the other woman. The new spouse will always see you as a cheater. And never trust you. Advice, if you are not happy get out, but don't cheate with someone you are serious about until after you are out.