My Husband Wants Me To Sleep With An Other Man

Can anyone give me some input on this subject how should I go about this ????
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Are you more worried about your reaction to this situation or his reaction? Are you more worried that you won't enjoy it, or that you'll enjoy it too much? If its his idea, you make the rules that make you feel comfortable and give it a try. From my experience, most men fantasize about watching their wife with another man, but most women feel more comfortable meeting the man alone at first. There can be conflict over how the event is executed this way. I don't know of a man who has regretted his wife being with another man (when it was his idea first). But don't do it with a guy you already know you are attracted to and like. Find an attractive stranger. It can be easy to get attached to another man if you see him enough and he's the only other partner you have.